The Atari 2600 Page.

Welcome to the new Atari 2600 Page! I got my Atari 2600 for Christmas in 1992, which was the last year it was made. My friend had one, and that was how the whole video game thing started for me. On this page, I’m going to briefly look at various memorable games that I have. I recommend that you have any image smoothing turned off in your web browser for this page, as the images are resized up to their correct aspect ratio. Otherwise, they will appear blurry. (The resolution is usually only half as wide in the image files.) See The Computer Page on how to do this for Firefox / Pale Moon & Opera.

Air-Sea Battle — Made back in 1977, when the console first came out. This one’s on my 32-in-1 cartridge, and is one of the most memorable games for me on the console. It’s hard to think of a game these days that only takes up 2 KB, but that’s as big is this is. There are 27 levels in total. 1 to 6 are Anti-Aircraft, 7 to 12 are Torpedo, 13 to 15 are Shooting Gallery, 16 to 18 are Polaris, 19 to 21 are Bomber and 22 to 27 are Polaris vs Bomber.
Enduro — A very impressive driving game, where you have to pass a set amount of cars before the sun comes back up the next day. There are different driving conditions, with snow, fog, night time and regular green road action. The game runs very fast, so you’ll need quick reflexes if you’re going to drive flat-out.
My Golf — My friend had this game, and like Enduro, this is it. I bought them both off him and some other games also. Play over 18 courses with multiple screens, and a broad range of clubs. Once you get on the green, you go to a “green” screen, to make putting more accurate. And with the Atari 2600’s resolution, you’ll have to be very careful. Staying under par can be quite awkward.
Plaque Attack — One of my 4-In-1 pack games. Although there are only 3 games on this 1 cartridge. Shoot down food before it rots out the teeth and you run out of toothpaste. If you get enough points, you’ll get bonus teeth. Once all the teeth are gone, that’s the end. The game goes through various types of food, and restarts with them moving faster.

Skiing — This is the game that inspired Ski-Free for Windows. In this upper emulated rendition, the trees are green, but in the 32-In-1 cartridge version, they’re purple, which you can see at the bottom. And that’s the one I have.
Freeway — Get as many chickens as you can, across the road before the time runs out, and avoid getting ploughed down by the traffic. The horn noises in this aren’t too bad sounding either. There’s also a rabbit version in the 32-In-1 cartridge.
Slot Racers — Try to shoot your opponent more times than they can shoot you by getting tricky in the slots.
Tennis — I have 2 copies of this. One from my 4-In-1 pack, and also on the 32-In-1 cartridge that came with my console. Yep, it’s just like tennis! Serve the ball to the other side, and try not to miss.