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The New Australian Flag Page

Even back in 1992 in my primary school, we were asked to design concepts for a new Australian flag. Since then though, nothing has changed. I think we should have a new flag for our country that is more relevant at representing us now. We should look to how the Americans declared their independence, and how the New Zealanders stripped their old flag of Britainís Union Jack, yet let the people choose which flag they still wanted to use. I still want Australia to be great friends with England, and for them to have great leaders that we can even look up to and be inspired by. But it should be on an equal level. As it stands now, it still feels like Britain is a bit of an illusionary overseer, which our current flag constantly reminds us of. This is degrading and not as democratic feeling as it could be, plus I for one will never bow to a foreign leader. But I would shake their hand as friends on the same level. Surely that is more honourable.
I think we should have a new flag alongside the Aborginal flag. I think it would be an insult to suggest that we want to try & integrate the Aboriginal people into a new flag, if itís something they donít want, yet the flag should not represent any racial divisions. It should feel welcoming to whatever race you may be. Something for everyone who was born here, because none of us got to choose what kind of bodies or race we would be. It should also be something for other people who choose to become Australian citizens.
This flag is one of a few designs I came up with, which includes elements of our current flag and other traditional Australian aspects, such as the kangaroo, green and yellow and our Southern Cross. I feel the blue background should be lighter to show our beautiful skies. The green and yellow also doubles as the land, and sand of our great beaches, leading to our beautiful blue coastal seas, shown by the lighter blue at the bottom. The large star should have 8 points to represent each of our major states and territories. New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the A.C.T.
Autralia has its own national anthem, and its own money too, but the people on the money should also be Australians, not the head of a foreign ruler. I think we showed more than enough respect to Queen Elizabeth #2 over the years, but itís time to have somebody whoís actually from here on the money as well. This happened for a few years with the $5 note, but it reverted back to Englandís Queen again. All our other notes have Australians on them, so it wouldnít be a big change. Weíve also had a lot of variety in special edition coins over the years, so even changes to new people every decade or so should be something to be considered for our money.
These new changes are not something I want only for myself, but for all the future people of Australia, as something to look forward to, and for the way other nations of the world see us.