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The 2013 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2013.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
Video Link:
Boys Meet U
This is the full length video of this song, as thereís also a shorter MV of it. This is a Japanese one, with a bit of a Summery feel. It came out in August of 2013, so thatís probably around the end of Summer in the northern hemisphere.
Lee Hi
Itís Over
This song is awesome, and youíll want to sing along, even if you canít understand Korean. The bit where she launches the bear on the rocketís pretty funny as well.
Ladiesí Code
Pretty Pretty
I like this one of course ó itís quite catchy sounding, and itís a bit quirky too. I think the general gist of it, is that the ladies like to look pretty, but that doesnít necessarily mean they want everyone drooling over them and giving them too much attention.
I like the bit when RiSe grins and adjusts her glasses, and Sojung getting her make-up done by the mini people.
Hello Girlfriend
I originally thought this was called Hello Goodbye, but thatís the name of the album, I think. I canít believe this hasnít had more views. Itís a great song. A ballad kind of one, but it sounds so good.
Magic Of Love
Iím not the biggest Perfume fan really, but this is a rather good one, with some rather nifty ďtricksĒ and clever stuff done in the video. The CD comes with another song called Handy Man, plus instrumental versions. Plus a DVD too of the music video.
Dejan Vunjak
Od Murske Do Kopra
Dejan Vunjak
éelim, éelim
The é characters in this donít exist in English, but theyíre pronounced like: zj. Kind of halfway between a z and a j.
One Spring Day
Hello, Itís Me
This was uploaded by 1TheK in 2019, but the songís from 2013. There was probably another link to it, but this was the only 1 I could find.
Dream Girl
Iíve lost the link to the one I got of this. The main one that comes up now is the version with some f***ing ad for some bloody mobile íphone bull$#!+ about halfway through, but I was able to get it without it. If you know of the other link, please send me e-mail and let me know.
Sekai No Owari
(End Of The World)