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The 2015 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2015.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
Video Link:
The Rebel Tell Band
Bin Wieder Frei
This is a cover of a song from the 1970s, I think. It’s still really good though, and you’ll want to give it a 2nd listen. Well, I did.
Kesh You
This is quite a fun one, and the 1st Q-Pop song I found that I liked.
Vanilla Shake
I hope this is the official link to this video on the right. I can’t believe it hasn’t even got to 200 000 views though. It should be in the millions if you ask me. This is such a great, perky, fun song! And NC.A looks super cute in it as well. Oh yeah! (Her birth name is Im So Eun. [It should’ve been I’m So Fun!] NC.A means New Creative Artist.)
I love the bit when they go: “Ah!” and change the view.
Doramachikku (Dramatic)
This is from Oresama’s 1st album, and the MV is all cartoon based, rather than seeing Hideya Kojima and Pon for real. And there’s some really cute looking and vibrantly coloured stuff. Look out for a bit of Sydney in there!
Aalow Aalow
This one’s quite retro looking, with old outfits, old TVs and even a big old cassette recorder. The song’s great, and the video looks quite vibrant with plenty of bold colours.
One of my absolute favourite songs from Lovelyz. Going by the translation, the lyrics for this are really weird. I think it’s better for me to just hear it in Korean & use my imagination. Jiae looks pretty in this one, and Kei looks cute in the locker.
Mrs. Green Apple
This has got quite a perky feeling.
Peggy Hsu
Midnight Swing
Since this takes about 20 seconds to get up and going, the song is a bit short, really. It’s really good otherwise, but it does end weirdly. Like it could use another note to finish it off.
Dejan Vunjak
O, O, O Kako Bilo Bi Lepo
Another great, perky song from Dejan Vunjak, which I only found on the 1st of August, 2023.
Na Kostolnej Veži
This is a rather great one with some pretty fast playing towards the end. I think the whistling’s annoying though.
Married To The Music
This is the dance performance version. The main one’s a bit weird for my tastes.
Najkrajšie Vianoce
This translates to The Most Beautiful Christmas, so a good one for that time of year. It picks up at 3:35-ish, but I think the ending could’ve been a much more grand. It feels like they baulked / choked on it. It’s too timid with an anticlimax. Anyway, this one scores extra points for having a 50 Hz frame rate, so it’s super smooth in most scenes. Always a plus on your eyes.