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The 2017 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2017.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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Knock Knock
I reckon you should watch this one straight after TT, ícos it says something like: To be continued, and even the sound at the end follows on.
If you have a search on the web, you can probably find a good one of Twice doing this in Switzerland. I donít think half the people even know who they are, while perhaps in Korea, theyíd be surrounded by fans.
Heart Shaker
One of Twiceís really great songs from their earlier years. Thereís TWICE as many of them at the end, and this looks really nicely & seamlessly done. Watch for the quick outfit changes in the supermarket.
TiÍn TiÍn
–i Về –‚u
This is a bit of an opera sounding one, but rather good anyway. I think I heard a bit of squeaky guitar fretting in there, but I guess I can over-look it for this one.
Yoon Jong Shin
And something about The Hyena On The Keyboard??? It might be somebody else who did this with him.
The MV is more of a slide show of Y.J.S. on a trip to Germany, by the looks of it. Itís a nice song too, which hasnít had the cr*p amplified out of it either. If you want something a bit more mellow, with a pleasant piano & slight orchestral accompaniment, this is a top choice. Plus you get the lyrics, if you can understand Korean.
Story Of A Heart
This song was written by Benny & Bjorn of ABBA, and in the video, Steps look back at their past, after 20 years had gone by since they began. Itís great to see Claire looking so much more fit again after her struggle with her weight.
Scared Of The Dark
Iíd say this has a similar Steps feeling to their Buzz album from 2000. If you liked Steps in their early years, Iíd say you should enjoy this one too!
As If Itís Your Last
I see this has passed 1 000 000 000 views @ YouTube now. This is pretty much the only other BLACKPINK song that I liked. Although Stay was kind of okay, apart from those squeaky guitar fret sounds.
This MV was apparently done partially at the Kyung Hee University. At least for the bit with the pillars.
What Can I Do?
There seem to be a few of these MVs that revolve around this other chick the chaps fancy. The endís a bit abrupt on this song, but most of itís pretty great.
I Like You
Oh! This is really excellent. The best song Iíve heard from Day6. Thereís a superb ďbridgeĒ kind of bit that Wonpil does & Jae finishes up, later in the song, at the point where the dude puts the inflated heart over the edge of the building. And the 1st time I heard that, it was like: ďOh yeah! That sounds so good!Ē
This is from Lovelyzís 2nd album, R U Ready?, of which I have the ď2nd Album RepackageĒ. Initially it might take a few listens to really enjoy it, and itís probably one of the groupís most vibrant, cheery sounding songs. Keep your eyes peeled for references to stuff from earlier Lovelyz MVs as well!
Now, We
This is an extra song to R U Ready?, from the 2nd Album Repackage. (Track 3) Itís really great too, and Mijoo, Jiae and Sujeong all look great in this one. Expect lots of blue & yellow colours.
The Lovelyz ladies get all festive & pretty looking in this one.
Only U
This oneís supposed to have an ďelectronicĒ kind of sound, but itís probably only partial. I canít believe this didnít get more views @ YouTube, because itís so bright and perky! Then at the end thereís a neat little tennis ball ďpokĒ kind of sound.
Super Junior
Black Suit
The best song Iíve heard from Super Junior, and also one of the best out of any of the ones Iíve heard from Korea. The finish is excellent as well, and youíll be left feeling impressed, going: Wow! That was awesome.
Chuu + Yves (of LOOΠΔ)
Heart Attack
Chuuís got a big crush on Yves at Christmas time, and she sings about how Yves attacks her heart. This is a great sounding song, with some beaut background areas, like that train / bus looking thing. Thereís a good bridge bit as well.
I canít find enough Chinese music, so itís great that I like this one! Iím not sure if this groupís still together, or even did many music videos.
This oneís got a nice smooth NTSC frame rate, which is a plus in my book. Although a lot of Chinese MVs are actually in PAL format. (25 f.p.s.)
I like the projected, computer generated designs at around 2:26 and the electronic-y kind of sounds.
Touch Me
This oneís got a bit of a sexy feel about it.
Wonder Drive
This is really great, and there are some cool visual effects as well. It feels a bit like Alice In Wonderland. A few of Oresamaís songs are related to various shows, I think, but I pretty much know nothing about them. I just came to hear the tunes.
Trip Trip Trip
This one starts off in the MV like something from some old RPG, but it doesnít have this introduction on the CD. (Hi-Fi POPS)
Ryuusei Dance Furoa / Meteor Dance Floor
This is from Mahoujin Guru Guru, & I have no idea what thatís about. I just like the song.
This oneís pretty good. Itís hard not to be absorbed by MARiAís amazing looks. Perhaps the song could feel a bit more contrasty in its variation of notes, but at least it ends well, and the video has a good frame rate too.
Dream On
Itís just as well I got this MV when I did back in the day, because the original address I had for this at Daily Motion is gone, so the link on the right is to an unoffical copy of the video.
The link for this one is unofficial also.
The white building in the background with the arches has been used in heaps of Korean MVs, and Iíve finally found out what it is! Itís the Namsan Art Wedding Hall.
Rhapsody Of Blue Sky
I only saw this today; the 24th of June, 2023, so 6Ĺ years later. I liked it pretty much straight away.
WJSN / Cosmic Girls
I Wish
I think this was about the only song I liked from this group.
This is the choreography version, which I prefer. Itís not the greatest song, but itís pretty good, and Eunhaís always worth a look.
Patty Gurdy
Game Of Thrones theme cover
This tune works well with the hurdy gurdy, and Patty plays it great! She does the final part with a bit of a plucking of her harmonic / resonance strings. I think thatís the kind of name for them.