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The 2018 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2018.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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Paint Me
This is pretty much the only song from Mamamoo that I’ve ever liked. It’s a real good one too.
Oh My Girl
Secret Garden
This is a really beautiful video, and each time I hear it, it brings back memories of when it just came out. It’s hard to believe that over 3 years have passed since it did. It felt really fresh and new at the time. I guess it wasn’t centuries ago though. I reckon there’s a magical emotional feeling about it. Binnie looks really pretty, and her scene with the huge bird out the window is great. And of course Jiho always looks cute. Audio wise, it sounds a bit pushed in amplification in places.
Candy Pop
(Dance Practise Version)
I prefer this one over the cartoon one.
Yes Or Yes
For me, this was Twice’s last REALLY good MV. Even though I liked Fancy, this one was better.
Yes Or Yes looks like it was probably a pretty expensive MV to make as well, with lots of amazing backgrounds & computer generated stuff. I think Jeongyeon’s top said “People Are Poison,” but maybe they thought some folks’d be irked by that, so it was covered up in a lot of the pictures related to this. Even the poster which comes with the mini album.
Anyway, I like the bit they do with the girls’ eyes, and Jihyo’s singing sounds really good and perhaps a touch more noticeable in this one. Especially on some of the more emphasised notes.
(of SHINee)
This was one of Jonghyun’s last songs before he died, and I think it was released by SM Entertainment after he’d gone. It’s really great, and has a bit of a retro thing going on too.
Is Who
This is the main version of this song, but there’s also a special performance rendition too, which is worth a squizz.
(The special one was done at Valour Studio.)
The Grand Dreams
You might need to watch this a few times before you like it. It’s a bit more mellow than some stuff, but I found you get into it and enjoy it by the end.
This was done at the “Gimcheon Abandoned School” from what I read. A place that was never completed, but later used in quite a few music videos.
That Day
I remember when this came out, and it felt so great to have a fresh new song from Lovelyz. This really seemed like the height of their stuff, around this year.
Wag-Zak means “crunch” I think. Jin had health issues for this one, and was resting, so there were only 7 members in the group. This was the 1st time this occured since Jisoo was wrongfully accused of abusing some guy. The MV is quite Summery, and the girls are at the beach having fancy cocktails, watermelon and playing games. The video ends with a kind of bloopers thing.
Lost ’N’ Found
For me, this was the Lovelyz ladies’ last really great music video. This is a must watch, I say!
There’s some pretty scenery in this, but more importantly, this is a nice song to listen to. I reckon Rothy has a unique kind of voice too.
Busters peaked with this one, if you ask me. The audio quality could probably be a bit better as well. But it’s a pretty fun song.
Red Velvet
Power Up
This took a few watches to grow on me, but I like it now. Things melt and the ladies enjoy a lot of fruit. Seulgi’s aqua boots look really sexy, and Irene’s legs look pretty hot as well. Check out the performance version if you prefer just the dancing.
Where Are You From?
Those Days
This is a really nice ballad kind of song. In the video, the dude sees a woman he used to be with, who’s now with another chap. The new couple have come to this classy clothing store, and the guy who works there feels a bit awkward, as does the sheila. And there’s views of them in the past being together.
Fensterln Gehn
I reckon this song’s the best one I’ve heard from this band. The accordion playing sounds really great, and it’s got more oomph to the whole thing, compared with some of their other stuff. The main guy reminds me of a younger version of John Goodman.
Xu Shiyin (of SING Girls)
White Youth
This is the beautiful ending song from I Will Never Let You Go. I think Xu Shiyin’s English name is Valentina.
Hi-Fi Train
You’ve gotta love that train with all the speakers on the front. Yep, this is another really enjoyable song from the album, Hi-Fi POPS. There’s some great cute stuff in here, and I like the “joy to the new world” bit.
Vincent Gross
Dieser Beat
If you like a good bit of guitar action, this is worth a peek. Plus the video shows a whole bunch of guitars & their amplifiers, which I wouldn’t know from a bar of soap. But if you’re a musician, perhaps they’re more meaningful.
Dejan Vunjak
Ce Mam Pa Tebe
This is done in Burano, Italy. It’s probably not that far to go from Slovenia anyway.