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The 2019 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2019.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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Melissa Naschenweng
I Steh Auf Bergbauerbuam
Melissa judges some talent show, and magically gets all the dudes into more traditional and appropriate attire for the event.
voXXclub + Troglauer Buam
This is a really tough song to beat! Itís just fantastically fun sounding, has a nifty yodelling bit and it finishes up well too. I reckon this is better than Troglauer Buamís earlier version on their own.
Troglauer Buam
Mei Is Des Schee
This seems to be a reworded French song, because when I was watching The Darjeeling Limited this year (2021), I heard the same song, under a different name in French. Chomps A Leesay, or however you spell it.
The MVís a bit jerky, ícos it looks like they dropped the frame rate without any blending between frames.
Troglauer Buam
Gleiches Herz Gleicher Beat
Iíd say this is like a rock ballad, I guess. It builds up from being quite mellow at the start to a lot more powerful at the end. The MV is all greyscale, and shows the band setting up for a street peformance, and finally everyone who paid to come along.
It sounds more like: ďOoh wow!Ē @ 1st than Woowa, if you ask me, but if you listen closely, I guess itís Woowa. This is rather fun, and DIA go roller skating at a cool looking joint. There seems to be lots of neat glowing stuff around as well. Iíd like to know where this is, for the record, so write in if you know.
Better Man
Iím glad to hear that Westlife have stayed consistent with their original style from their early years. The groupís down to just 4 members now. I think Brian was the name of the other guy. Shane, Nicky, Kian & uhÖ the other dude, remain.
Yesung (of Super Junior)
Pink Magic
This starts off a bit slowly, but it really picks up by the end, and youíll be swinging around, getting into it. Kyuhyun and Donghae from Super Junior make an appearance too. I dunno who the chick is.
I definitely recommend checking this one out.
Sui Sui Duck + Mako
This one has a really synthesised / electronic-ish sound, which is apparently common to this group. Mako does the main singing, and one of the dudes follows along at a bit of a softer, deeper tone. It doesnít end the best, but I think itís pretty good for most of it, and a bit different to other stuff Iíve heard.
Sertiń Qaida?
This is quite a fabbo quick sounding song. Definitely worth checking out. Also, is that a Mega Drive I see? It sure looks like one.
Oh My Girl
The 5th Season
This oneís quite beautiful, and Binnie looks super pretty in her white dress, up on that rocky thing with the flower.
Oh My Girl
BunGee (Fall In Love)
This is brighter than a 1000 W lighthouse bulb! Super cheery and happy feeling. I reckon YooA looks more attractive in this than usual. Jiho looks great with her blonde hair as well.
NCT 127
This is pretty much the only song I liked from NCT 127. Itís a pretty good looking video as well, with stuff done by LASERs by the looks of it.
Pink Fantasy
ďOh yeah; Iíd better go & check out that new Pink Fantasy video.Ē I said to myself 2 years ago. And holey moley! Itís just as well I did! This was one of my most favourite songs for the whole year! SeeA & Yechan come across as the 2 prominent singers in this one, if you ask me, starting with SeeAís beginning of that sweet spot at 2:29, and ending with Yechanís powerful, higher stuff at 2:46 to 2:52. Plus SeeA is just: What I would do with her on a cold, rainy night. This oneís a real gem thatíll give you a buzz and leave you feeling amazed!
I almost bought the single CD of this, but it was going to cost a fortune to get it from Korea.
Yoon Jong Shin + Urban Zakapa
One Happy Day
A retro kind of song that sounds really superb! This was part of Yoon Jong Shinís 30th year of doing music, and he gets involved with people who were born in 1989. (So theyíre younger than me.) Itís also his monthly song for June. Everyone goes roller skating and perhaps looking mildly 1980s-ish. (Yoon Jong Shin was born 11 years before me, but we have the same birthday.)
Red Velvet
This is a Japanese song that Red Velvet did, and itís a really good, catchy tune.
Red Velvet
Umpah Umpah
Red Velvet go on holiday and the weather sucks. The place leaks, thereís a huge storm and the ladies end up playing under the dining table. Oh yeah, and poor Seulgi has to go up on the roof, and risks getting electrocuted to adjust the TV antenna. Itís a really great, fun song though that just demands a replay.
Red Velvet
Probably a good one if you do feel as though youíre about to lose your rag with someone, or about something.
Oh Hayoung (of APink)
Donít Make Me Laugh
Hayoung goes solo, and sings a real beauty of a song. Plus she looks rather good as well. This reminds me just a little bit of Thatís The Way It Is, which Celine Dion sang.
Rock Tonight
Ryokuōshoku Shakai
This is a great song, but the MVís like looking through the slit under a door, itís so thin. Holey moley. Itís like a 8:3 aspect ratio. You can barely see anything.
(Pronounced like eyes, I think.)
Final Kiss
Apart from the squeaky bit at the end, the rest of this is really great, and that guitar playing sounds amazing.
This is a great song, although itís not the cheery, happy kind of thing I usually go for. That said, do check it out anyway.
Hakuna Matata
This is nothing to do with The Lion King either.
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra + Narashino High School Brass Band
Kaze No Purofyi-Ru / Profile Of The Wind
One of the TSPOís really great tunes. Get ready for the transition at around 1:56, when the whole band kicks in. This MV made me wonder what those tall, white instruments are, and theyíre sousaphones (/ sousaphone tubas).
Dejan Vunjak
Cistí Mejcken
One of the best songs from Dejan. In the video, he cleans up the house, and then cooks dinner for his woman, who pops over to his joint @ the end.
Music S.T.A.R.T!!
This is rather great.
Now, uhÖ are they said like: Micro's, or it is it more like U's? Normally Ķ means micro. Feel free to write in and tell me!
ē I think itís like Uís, based on another MV of theirs.
Ringo Disco
This is a pretty decent song, but the video is as jerky as hell. They probably spent an age recording it all, and then at the last moment they stuff it by doing a $#!++y frame rate conversion. It really beats my head in how so called professionals can get away with this. Iíd have sacked them.
Shuka Saitō
If you can get passed the advertising business saying itís now on sale, thatís stuck there for all time, this is a pretty good one to watch.
For hockey in Slovakia. Some of you sporting types might prefer if I had something Australian, but I donít know anything about hockey anyway, so what do I care? (I couldnít even tell you if itís for ice hockey or the regular kind.) Anyway, itís an enthusiastic tune to pump you up for the game by the sounds of it, and thatís the bit I like to hear. Plus, since itís by KandrŠčovci, itís worth a squizz, seeing as theyíre often really good.