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The 2021 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2021.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
Video Link:
Your Ocean
This one hits a good high point with the instrumental bit at around 3:20, and the dude with the cello is a nice difference to most band types of groups. Itís not a cheery song, but it sounds really good. It goes for about 4 minutes & 46 seconds, but the video has an extra bit at the end which has it go to 5 minutes & 24 seconds.
Sumi Jo & Rain
If you want a bit of an epic sounding song with some impressive singing, this is worth a look. The MV is all computer animated, and it has an uplifting and bright theme to it, yet it also feels quite emotional. See if you can hit that high note at the end! I think youíd need to be a soprano singer to crack it off.
Tae Jin Son + Wendy (of Red Velvet)
Be Deep
An older couple seemingly go back to when they were younger in the MV, and it all looks quite classy as well. The dude sounds quite opera-ish, and perhaps this is a little something different for Wendy after the likes of some of the music from Red Velvet.
Ayumi Hamasaki
Haru Yo, Koi
This is amazing! Really well presented, and the song sounds so good. Thereís a slight pause before the proper ending, so make sure you see it all. Ayumi looks really prettily dressed in that kind of traditional dress, and the background area with the tree is very attractive as well.
Official Hige Dandism
I think this is from some Doraemon movie. More stuff I know diddly about. Anyway, the song is great! Really perky and boy ó that ending is mega fabbo!
Zom Marie
I like this song, and the lyrics are great as well. Even though Zom Marieís from Thailand, the songís in English.
Nathan Evans
(220 Kid + Billen Ted Remix)
This is really brilliant and catchy too! But dang, itís only a quicky, at just under 2 minutes.
Nathan Evans
Ring Ding (A Scotsmanís Story)
Another fabbo one, and I reckon Nathanís voice has a more noticeable accent this time. These kinds of fun and upbeat sounding songs are just what I like. Yep, & donít leave home without your credit card! American Express should rent this one off him.
Wow! This is amazing! A real sock-blower! (Itíll blow your socks off.) Itís got a bit of a traditional kind of feeling about it. Thereís a great range of instruments too, like an accordion, banjo, violin, and the bandís usual stuff too. The only thing I wish, is that it went longer! Itís only probably just over 2Ĺ minutes.
Shake & Shake
Another great, cheery sounding song from Sumika. This oneís a bit like a live musical in some aspects. Thereís some great piano action at 2:36, and they finish up with those party poppers.
Jasmine wants to leave home & make shoes, but her rich father sends his lackeys after her to bring her back. Luckily, she runs into another woman called Jasmine, whoís a tap dancer, and after fixing her shoe, the 1st Jasmine swaps places with her, confusing the chaps in her pursuit.
This is also a bit of an old style sounding song, like with a perky 1920s feel about it, perhaps. But whatever; itís great, and after a few watches, I really liked it. Most of itís presented in English, surprisingly, with Japanese subtitles, but the singingís all Japanese. You also get to learn the names of the 4 dudes in the band, if you didnít already know them. Which I didnít.
Jane, Funtwo & Jack Thammarat
If youíre looking for something instrumental, then this is really worth a squizz, especially if you want to see some amazing electric guitar playing. It hits a really good high point at 2:58, and the whole thing feels like you could just slip it into OutRun 2. Itís got that driving forward, and constantly moving vibe that would suit the game superbly. I dunno much about the guitars, but I think they look pretty good as well.
Ice Cream
Feel Me Up
I love the name of this one, ícos you know what that means. Anyway, this was a bit hard for me to get into at first, but after a few listens, I liked it more. It has some sounds which flip from one channel to the other, which is something a bit different, I suppose, from most songs. It ends with an electronic kind of sound, like something from an older video game.
Tae Ho + Yegeun Choi
This is rather perky. Iím not sure how youíd define the style of it though. A bit jazzy or something.
It might take a few listens to really like this one, but itíll grow on you. Itís got a cool bit at 2:34, and then check out that truck at 2:45! Wowzer! And the chandelier inside. Yeah, I think these are more common in Japan than other places.
La Poem
A pleasant, light opera-ish tune. The ending is really great and satisfying as well, unlike a lot of recent songs that leave you going: ďIs that it?!Ē Iíll have to find out the names of these dudes. The chap with the high pitch voice is a real asset to the group. (Choi Sunghoon, I think.)
La Poem
The vocal talents of the chaps are certainly shown off again well here. I think Oasis might still be the better song though.
Kim Woojin
In My Space
This is a nice ballad kind of song, but with good strong singing, unlike some songs that sound completely spaced out & sleepy.
Mou Ii Kai
Donít expect a mind blowing video for this, but the songís really catchy and fast moving, so I reckon itís still worth checking out. I wanted to hear it a few times.
Free To Fly (2021)
This is really great and kind of magical / other-worldly feeling. I didnít see the original, but I think it was from 2007 or something. The chickís pretty cute too. Ooh, and look out for the iMac G4 in there.
Produce Pandas
The Paramount Show
Joy (from Red Velvet) goes out & does a rather great sounding solo effort here. Itís got a cheery vibe about it too, so do check it out!
Miss T + Mr. BoomBox
Ha Sung Woon
Nai Nai
This sounds like something good for when you go off the rails. It ends well too. (Itís from Shadows House.)
Park Minju
Sha Ru Ru
Sexy Zone
Letís Music
Thereís a lot of red stuff in this one. It isnít overly long either, especially when compared with some Japanese songs.
Takano Akira
New Direction
This oneís got a great, fresh, positive feeling about it, and the special effects in the background with the glowing stuff in the clouds and beams, look really superb.
Tarinai Sakunai
Part Time Lover
This is really great! You might want to hear it a few times before you really get into it.
Parallel Motion
This really took me a while to like and get into. This is from Oresamaís 3rd album, Continew World. TheÖ uhÖ ďmodelĒ / toy version of Pon is really cute.
BPM170 No Kimi E
(Or something like that.)
Yamamoto Anna from this group is really cute. If you do a search for pictures of her on the web, you might even spot a few of her in a bikini as well. Apart from that, this song is worth a listen to also.
This could do without the break in the middle if you ask me, although it might only be like that for the music video. The rest of itís really superb.
Otomeno Kokoroe
Aina The End
Wa wa wa, wa wa wa-wa! Itís time to go doggy style with Aina The End from BiSH, and the folks from the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra in this ca-razy, but fun sounding song! I only found it on the 3rd of May, 2022, but itís from October, 2021.
Dimash Qudaibergen
Ave Maria
I remember watching The Worst Jobs In History with Sir Tony Robinson, and the part about Italian boys who were castrated to preserve their high pitched voices many decades ago. Well, Iím sure this guy still has all his parts, but dang ó his voice canít be far off soprano level. I donít recall hearing any other dudes with a voice this high.
This is off some TV show, so itís not strictly a promotional type MV. Even if you donít fancy the song, surely you can appreciate his ability. He apparently has a vocal range of 6 octaves.
Heart Beat Kyūjōshō / Sharply
Iím not sure if the ďsharplyĒ bit is translated right from wherever I 1st saw this, so I dunno. Anyway, you might find this either really cute and perky, or maybe a bit of the sickly side, depending on your tastes. Yu Serizawa saying ďI love you my darlingĒ is quite cute. Her voice is higher pitched than the other girls, Iíd say.
The song goes for about 4 minutes & 22 seconds, which is a typical kind of length for Japanese songs. It ends up rather well too.
Like a lot of other MVs, this was done at Wedding Fantasia in the Shizuoka Prefecture. (Kind of halfway between Nagoya & Tokyo, but on the southern coast. Itís near Jamatsucho in the Numazu region.)
They put the whole song of this on YouTube so you could hear it for free, but the music videoís only another preview version, which is typical for this group. So the link to the right is the audio only. A great song all the same!
There is an unofficial link to the whole MV here. But itís suspiciously jerky, like it was captured in real time from an Internet connection that couldnít keep up. Or something.
Dejan Vunjak
Jutri Bom K Tebi Odöel
The Solkan Bridge in this video is the longest stone arch going over a river in the world. It was completed in 1906, and it's 220 m long. The arch is 85 m. It's near Nova Gorica in western Slovenia, pretty much right on the border with (north eastern) Italy. Now that's out of the way, this is a pleasant song to listen to as well. A bit more mellow than some of the other Dejan Vunjak MVs that I like, but very good all the same.
Aya Uchida
Canary Yellow
Shuka Saito
Like some of her other videos, this oneís got an ďadĒ about it coming soon as well, but if you can look passed that, this is a good one to have a squizz @.
This is a great song, which I only found in April, 2024. Lots of great piano action, a superb finish, and Tomoo not only composed and performed the song, but directed the video as well. The only downside is that some of the scenes are horrifically jerky, such as the outdoor stuff in the garden.

Now for the tracks I liked and semi-liked from TrySailís album, Re Bon Voyage:
If you like enough of these songs, please consider buying their CD, which I think also comes with a DVD / BD. All the links are official, and some have MVs as well, which Iíll try to fill in eventually. Although some may just be preview length ones. Most of the links just go to the audio only. Youíll also find links to some instrumental versions.

1. Re Bon Voyage. This song has a MV, which the link to the right will take you to.
Right from the beginning, this song sounds like itís going to be exciting and great! Itís got a cheery, happy feeling right through, so this is a top choice if you need to feel more perky. The videoís also got a good frame rate too.
2. Favourite Days
This song has a slightly heavier rock kind of sound compared with track one, but itís also happy and upbeat feeling. There a few nice bits that build things up for a better bit as well.
3. Kono Shiawase Ga Yume Ja Nainara
Expect a lighter start after track 2 here. In fact this songís more mellow right through, but still a good sounding one to listen to.
4. Gomakashi. This song has a MV, but the official one is only a preview length.
This songís okay, but not one of my absolute faves. Some of the guitar playingís mildly squeaky sounding in places. Itís also related to some game / show.
5. Monaural
Things start off with a violin / some kind of string instrument in this one for an easy start. It starts picking up as it goes, such as around 1:33, and again at 2:39, when it kicks into a much more heavy mood with electric guitars. Then it pauses for a moment, before going more mellow again, and picking back up around 3:10. The ending seems like itís going to be abrupt, but then youíre reassured with a more proper finish.
6. Tagatameni Aiwanaru. This song has a MV.
Things get quite a bit more rocking and heavy in this one after the previous track, although I wouldnít necessarily say it has a very cheery mood about this one. Itís probably not really fully to my tastes, but Iíll leave the link here for now.
9. Good Luck Darling
This is track is more perky after #6.
10. Free Turn. This song has a MV, but the only official one on the web is a short preview.
The electric guitar playing is fairly intense in this one.
11. Hidamari No Basho
I think I like this one much more than track 10. Itís more mellow, but not boringly so. Itís about just right. The endingís well done too.
12. Kimitonara
I think they chose pretty well to finish up on this one. Itís pretty well balanced, doesnít go too nuts with the electric guitars, and it has a kind of hopeful, happy vibe about it. Something like that.