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The 2024 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2024.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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My Dream Girls
ē This is great! Iíll have to find out who composed it, because it sounds just like something from the Love Live! series. Itís actually from some other TV show.
ē The composer is Motokiyo. He was also an arranger for Queen Of The Night by Kanoe Rana, but as for the Love Live! tunes, he did do Second Sparkle by Liella!, although it sounded more like some other song.
ē Natsumi Murakami & Chiemi Tanaka are actually related to the Love Live! series. (Natsumi Murakami is from DiverDiva & Chiemi Tanaka is from QU4RTZ.)
Himawari Purinsesu
This is pleasant too. Maybe a bit mild.
White Lyrical Kingdom
The song of this supposedly came out in November, 2023, but the music video only came out today. (16th of January, 2024.) So this feels like a late, Christmas style tune, especially with all the northern hemisphere snow action. But I guess it could be good for when we get snow here too. Iíd say this is one of the groupís better tunes.
Kinki Kids
I think I like this one. The singingís a bit flat in places, like the beginning, but thatís how itís composed, and over all itís not too bad.
Momo Asakura
Sweet Essence
This came out on the 1st of February, or close to that. A pretty cheery one again, as you can expect from Momo, but the composition of the song feels a little bit muddled. After a few more watches though, I can get what they were doing. Kind of.
Tube & Gackt
Instead Of Sayonara
(サヨナラのかわりに / Sayonara No Kawari Ni)
(Sayonara is good bye, of course.)
This was totally different from how I imagined. Iím not keen on the break at 2:58, nor in other songs that do this, but you could probably make your own edit & trim that bit out. Other than that, this one sounds rather good, I must say.
Exile B Happy
Morning Sun
I might want to watch this a bit more, so this is a bit tentative being listed here. But I think itís pretty cheery and the bit at 3:17 where they do one person after the next is really neat.
Is that a real shopping complex in this? Maybe they got in there at night time. Although some of the stores seem to be open. I dunno.
This group must be related to that Exile Tribe dealie, which seems to have a dozen spin off sub-groups. A lot of their other songs arenít really my thing, but this one seems quite a bit different.
Ayumi Hamasaki
The 1st thing that sprang to mind was NSYNC. Was this going to be like a knock-off of their old Bye Bye Bye song from 24 years ago? Well, it isnít really like it, but it does feel like it couldíve been from that time. Anyway, I really like it, so Iím definitely going to bung it on here.
This is a great one, and the ending is good too. I always like a proper ending, unlike some songs where it sounds like somebody tripped over the cord to the recording equipment and pulled out the plug.
The Bawdies
Sugar Puff
Ah ó thereís a video for this now. Holey moley! Itís a bit quirky and almost irrelevant to say the least, after 1st hearing the song at the start of the month. Mmm ó I canít say Iím too enthusiastic for it, but the song sounds great.
This one came out in February, but it took me a while to like it enough to stick on here. It builds up to sounding better, compared with the beginning, which I think is its weakest point.
Chō Tokimeki Sendenbu
Hapila Blue! / Happy Love Blue!
This came out back in January, & thatís when I heard it, but I was in 2 minds about adding it to the table here. In some ways it almost feels like itís bordering on being a kidsí song, but it is pretty cheery and colourful looking. Plus compared with some of the other cr*p songs theyíve done in the past, this is probably 1 of their best. Koizumi Haruka & An Julia stand out to me as the most attractive looking. I like all their vibrant outfits as well.
Daburuxi Kōshiki
Natsu Doki! / Summer Excitement!
This one came out in April, and itís mostly good. I think the ending couldíve been more well thought out though. It feels like a bit of a dud climax that happened too early, and then it just fizzled a bit. Not tragically, but I think it shouldíve left you feeling more of a great boost, where you went: ďOh yeah!Ē Rather, than: ďOh. I guess that was good.Ē