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The Game Links Page.

Check out some of these cool websites:
(All links are spawned in a new window. Extra cool sites are marked with this tick: Any sites which no longer deliver what they’re about will be removed, so if you see something that interests you, you should bookmark it yourself, rather than coming back here and finding the link removed.)

My Morrowind Fan Site ó Iím a fan of Morrowind, so hereís a site about it.

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Dreamcast-Scene — It’s all about the Dreamcast here, including news on new releases.

Skies Of Arcadia World — One of the cool sites for the hottest game ever! Last updated about a squillion years ago though.

Shenmue Dojo — Music, information & more - all about the awesome work of art that is Shenmue.

The Official Sonic Team Page

Shin Force

Sonic The Fighters Page (Unofficial)

seinfeld82 — This dude contacted me a few times relating to my site, and he added my address to his, so I’ll do the same. Check out what cool games he has on multiple systems.

MOD Archive — Over 29 000 music files! Okay, so it isn’t about games, but itís still worth a look.

Dreamcast MODs — (Modifications that is, not as in music modules.) Check out my own page for links. (Currently unavailable.)

Jeff Reid’s Page — Lotsa videos, especially for PC racing games, such as The Need For Speed Series and more.

The Rockin’ B — Get your VMS appications right here. Plus Saturn games also.

Arcade Crusade — Not sure why I didnít have this listed sooner.

GoodCowFilms — Have a poke around here for a lot of Sega related stuff. (Through the Farm section.)

System 16 ó An excellent site about arcade games.

Game Artwork & More

SegaXtreme — Lots of great wallpaper images, plus a whole lot more also.

OverClocked ReMix — Heaps of cool remixed game tunes!

Jeremy Soule — The composer behind the likes of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, T.E.S. 4: Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights, Unreal 2 and Azurik: Rise of Perathia.

Console Repairs

Sega Parts — Officially Sega authorised American site for replacement console parts.

Arcade Game Suppliers etc.

Capital Pinball — This joint is based in Canberra. Whether you’re looking for a new pinball machine purchase, or party hire, arcade game restoration, or spare parts, this is the site to visit.

Zax Amusements — Australian site with Arcade Games & parts to purchase


All Pinball — Pinball game supplier from Brisbane. Also other arcade games. They will hunt down what you need as well.

240 Amusements - Drouin & Hallam, Victoria

Galaxy (Galaxy World)

AMD — Matraville NSW

Coin-op Spares Australia — From Queensland.

Big Top Amusements — Aussie Arcade Game supplier with spare parts & other goodies.

AustralAmusements — Goldcoast joint.

Bumper Action Amusements — Amusement Machine hire, sales & repair. From Melbourne.

Amusement Worx — South Australian arcade game supplier. Also pool tables, vending machines etc.

Sega Amusements — Arcade games direct from Sega in Europe.

UDC — The United Distributing Company. From England.

Spy Amusements — Australian Arcade Game Rentals

Highway Entertainment

Sega Service — If you own one of Sega’s sensational arcade games, and need a bit of help with it, then this is the place where you’ll find heaps of instruction manuals online.

Console Game Stores

Two online shops you should be exceptionally wary of are Buy Rite (which I believe is now out of business) and Toys N Joys. They both appear to have very tempting items for sale, but their service utterly stinks, and you're more likely to get ripped off than what you paid for. The trick is if you see something you like at National Console Support, you buy it there 1st. ;-) A good site to check up on customer reviews is at ResellerRatings too.

Game Liquidation — Several cool Dreamcast titles, and an excellent spot for Neo Geo Pocket games too. I’ve ordered from these guys a couple of times now, and they’re always reliable.

Telegames — Sick of those sites that are infested with only PSX (XSP, more like it) & N64 games & nothing else? Here’s a cool place that actually has more variety. It’s from the UK, so us Aussies will have no trouble with PAL related issues. Atari 2600, 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, MS XBOX, Intellivision, Neo Geo, GameCube, 32X, Saturn, SMS, MD, GG, Colecovision etc, etc…

Console PassionHere’s a great source for Master System, Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X & Saturn games.

Raven Games — A good spot for Dreamcast & Saturn games.

Play-Asia — One of the spots to go for the latest Dreamcast releases & other imported games.

National Console Support — Lots of software for multiple platforms, including imported and local titles. Good support for Sega consoles including Mega CD, 32X, Saturn & Dreamcast. Easy to order from, and reliable service.

Online Game Music Stores

Otaku (Publishing) — Buy Game Music & More Online! They recommend payments by Paypal, but you can do a credit card payment still.