Hello! Here’s the page about me. Some of which hasn’t been updated in some time. And some stuff that has been.

Full name:
John Kahler
About 1.83 m
Hair colour:
Brown (What’s left of it.)
Eye colour:
Skin colour:
Light pink
85 kg
Fave tunes / songs at the moment:
Neo Sky, Neo Map! (Nijigasaki High School Idol Club) & Blue! by A•ZU•NA
Fave games (of all time):
Skies Of Arcadia, (Dreamcast), Shenmue 2 (Dreamcast), The Elder Scrolls 3, (PC), The Elder Scrolls 4, (PC), Sonic The Fighters, (Arcade), Virtua Cop 3 (Arcade), Virtua Fighter 5, RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC), Daytona USA (Arcade), Daytona USA 2: Power Edition (Arcade) & Sega Rally (Saturn).
Favourite composers: Alexandre Desplat, Jeremy Soule, James Horner, Max Martin, John Williams & Thomas Newman.

Video Games:
Sega (no, you think?!)
Sony (I wonder why?)
Computer related stuff:
• Linux (for stability)
• Mac OS X (mostly)
• Firefox / Pale Moon
• that stupid WMV format
• all the annoying bugs in Windows
• How people use “Google” as a verb, and as if it was the only search site out there.
• Auto software updates.
Stuff on the Internet:
Free stuff (as in cost) • Spam! Not a lot gets through though these days.
• Websites that only use Flash.
Tommy Hilfiger.
jeans, singlets, thongs
ice cream, pizza, hotdogs, a Whopper from Burger King / Hungry Jacks
celery, hot fruit, seafood
Butterscotch milkshake, Cascade Traditionals, Bundaberg soft drinks
tomato juice, tea
Sport (on T.V.):
• Tennis & golf - sometimes
• Football
• Horse Racing
• Soccer
• Swimming
T.V. Shows:
• Survivor
• The Amazing Race
• Malcolm In The Middle
• Nash Bridges
• The Simpsons
• Robin Hood
• Seinfeld
• Hustle
• Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
• Downton Abbey
• All news shows etc.
• Big Brother, Search For A… etc.
• Rove Live
• Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
• TV stations advertising and their logos during shows
• Sexy babes!
• Fountain pens
• Art Deco & Gothic architecture

• Eminem
• Genetic modifications, cloning, playing God etc. and so on. Sick and twisted garbage, that rates down there with incest and child abuse. The rape of nature and life that should never be supported!
Please visit
• Newspapers too
• Mobile phones
• American “English”
• Motorbikes in general and riders who invent their own lanes, and push-bike riders who won’t clear out the way for cars and our bull$#!+ laws that don’t do a thing about it.
• Ball point pens, unless they’re gel based ink.
• Those moronically stupid warning signs about obvious powerlines!

Boycott the scum of the CSIRO, Monash University (involved in animal cruelty), University Of QLD & University Of Adelaide (both involved in immoral GE work), Lancome, Monsanto, CropLife (I think it was called), Loreal, Tesla cars (because of that c*nt of a turd, Elon Musk), BASF, Revlon, Priori, Roche and Bayer of course. One of the most EVIL companies on the planet.
Other whackos: Elon Musk (who can rot in hell), Ally Walker, Dove Cameron (a baby killing supporter bitch) & David Sinclair. He Jiankui of China — you should be hanged, drawn & quartered!

Here’s what I look like (Aaaaagh!):

Me wearing my Dreamcast shirt! (Back in 2000.)
Me dressed up a bit more than usual.
Me at Crystal Castle having lunch.
I look a bit grumpy in this one. I wasn’t though.
Me at Museum Station in Sydney.

Hmm, what else can I say? I like video games. I also take photos and do a bit of writing.

Am I married? No. No one has ever been interested in me. Awww, what a shame.

I love the sound of rain on a cold winter night — I dunno, I find it very peaceful. It helps me sleep, anyway. Plus a good storm isn’t bad either. Call me weird, but I find it relaxing.