Screen Shots Of The Moment.

On this page, Iíll just have a short range of game screen shots, which will change from time to time. Hopefully regularly. Round 57 or so now, and all from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion again.

Wait until you see my cockles!
You gits were the cause of it though, you 2 faced knob head!
(This is in the Lake Arrius Caverns with the Mythic Dawn cultists of course.)
It was petrified by my presence as Sheogorath. Ha ha! Yep, I just zapped it one, and it died like this! You can even see the container icon dealie. When I went to move it, it collapsed on the ground though.
I thought something funny was going on down the hill here. This horse just came levitating along at a very slow speed. Once it got to the rocks, it came back down. This might be a similar issue to the one where you jump off the surface of water, and when you pass over land that's out of the water, you just float until you get to the next mesh / object on the landscape.
I came into this part of Nenalata, and the liches were fighting each other! Maybe it was a power struggle! Who knows? Theyíre normally on the same side in the same faction. Ah well, I just waited around and finished off the last one standing.
Ahhh! Lovely. Letís set up for a picnic.