Screen Shots Of The Moment.

On this page, Iíll just have a short range of game screen shots, which will change from time to time. Hopefully regularly. Round 63 or so now.

Check out this ogre from Oblivion! Holey beep! I donít recall seeing this happen before with a creature. (Apart from the Hungers in the Shivering Isles.) Itís kind of like what happens if you actually kill Mehrunes Dagon. Although Iíve only seen that in somebody elseís video. Anyway, I reloaded the game, and it was still like this. There were bits of it stretched way off into the distance as well. Like maybe 100 m away or more. Eventually it popped back together and took off up the hill behind me. (This was at Nonungalo.)
5 baddies all died on the one trap. Although there were fighting each other, more than this thing killing them.
Zombie yoga.
How did this guy die? I came into the Knights Of The Thorn Lodge joint, and he was dead on his chest.
New Brightwater Beach from Sudeki.
Ah ó Diablo 2. I havenít played this in an age. I used to play it on my MacBook. Because it was for PowerPC CPUs, when they put out a patch to fix the graphics acceleration, it ran even slower, because Rosetta had to emulate all the instructions for that as well. So I used to run it without that. The interface is really great. This is what they should be offering for Windows & Macs.
Skies Of Arcadia ó The ďpuzzleĒ in the Temple Of Pyrynn. If you want any screen shots from this game, I captured myself playing the entire thing, so name what you want. I may be able to provide something.
Virtua Fighter 5 ó Eileen vs Akira.