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The Piccies Page

Welcome to the piccies page! Here you’ll find links to stuff I’ve done, plus many more amazing pictures from other sites on the Internet. So have a look, and perhaps one of these places might have something that interests you also.
Just so ya know, some of these sites have a bit of risqué content too.

Bel’s House Of Rendered Women ;-)

Sega Stuff — the wallpaper section.

Lowena Ko’s Knockout Corp

deviantART— always a great place to find some really amazing artwork.

See my stuff at deviantArt and more below!

Brilliant Images At deviantArt:
(These should all open in a new window / tab.)

My Favourites — You should check out these pictures 1st that I’ve already got in my faves section!
Raayzel’s DeviantArt Gallery — Amazingly professional looking drawings and paintings which are vibrant with a rainbow of colours.
Falensarano by ValaSedai — A great piece of Morrowind related art.
Volkswagen Golf GTI E35 by SliceOfCake — A 400 kg cake which cost $26 000.
Chef Gordon Ramsay — a bit of a characterture by CarlosRubio
Dare To Dream? by Jofinin — a nifty picture related to NiGHTS.
Gilder & Clara by Karmada — a really excellent bit of Skies Of Arcadia fan art.
RoninDude’s Gallery — This chap does some gorgeous looking babes and a few other types of drawings as well.

Stuff By Me:

(The Chums Gum logo belongs to Sega Enterprises. This is just my fan art vector rendition of it. [This picture may not show in older browsers. Firefox 2 will not show it shrunk to the preview size, but it will open it for the full view.])

Tillis Fan Art. (From Burning Rangers.)
Fina Fan Art. (From Skies Of Arcadia.)
Gilder Fan Art. (From SOA.)
Lei-Fang Fan Art. (From Dead Or Alive 2.)
Cool Spot Fan Art.
Sarah Bryant Fan Art. (From Virtua Fighter 3.)

• Back in 2002 I had some of my own photos on this page, but they got too large to store with my ISP’s space. Just click on each bullet, and the image should load in a new window. Please note that these are only for viewing purposes. You may not use them for ANYTHING else, although if you want to display them on your own personal desktop, that’s okay.
The fountain in the sunken garden at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.
Balmoral Castle.
Cape Byron Lighthouse.
Castle Howard in Yorkshire in England.
The JohnStick. :-P