If you’re a big Sega fan, like me, you should know most of the answers to the following questions!

1. Sonic Drift was a racing game on which console?
2. In Daytona USA, how many cars take part in the race on the 777 Speedway?
3. How many characters race at once in Sonic R?
4. Who is the lead programmer and overall big guy behind the Sonic games?
5. Which Sega arcade board runs Tecmo’s Dead Or Alive 2?
6. What does “Sega” stand for?
7. Espio, from Knuckles’ Chaotix and Sonic The Fighters is what type of animal?
8. What is the fighting style of Shun Di from the Virtua Fighter series?
9. Which company manufactured the Saturn’s SH-2 processors?
10. Noxus is a poison magic from a game with “air ships.” What game is this?
11. What colour is Tillis’ “suit” in Burning Rangers?
12. In the intro video to Virtua Cop 2, which Virtua Fighter 2 character makes a short appearance?
13. Who is this? Click here! (Click to enlarge.)
14. Name one of the 4 cars from Scud Race.

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