The Ultim@te Race Pro Page

Genre: Racing.

System Requirements:
Minimum: 133 MHz Pentium CPU, 16 MB of RAM, 20 MB of hard drive space, 2 × speed CD-ROM drive, video card with 1 MB of RAM (must support 16-bit colour at 800 × 600 pixels).
Recommended: 166 MHz Pentium CPU, 32 MB of RAM, 4 × speed CD-ROM drive, Direct 3D, 3Dfx or PowerVR accelerator
My Recommendation: 350 MHz Pentium 2 CPU, 32 MB of RAM, 275 MB of hard drive space (+ 30 MB for swap file), 3Dfx Voodoo accelerator. (Only the 640 × 480 resolution is supported for 3Dfx cards.)

Ultimate Race Pro is a zippy action packed racing game that has you power sliding round the tightest of turns like it’s nobody’s business. 16 cars, 18 possible tracks (including various racing combinations) and some reasonably good graphics make this pretty sensational.
You can play on a LAN, or compete against the CPU controlled cars. There was a Mplayer option, but the website has gone now, and turned into something else. Multiplayer racing can take you to the Ultim@te Arena, where you battle it out in a Deathmatch fashion.
If you have a fairly recent computer, you should have no troubles running this. You can only crank the resolution up to 1024 × 768 pixels, no matter how good your video card is, but still, that’s pretty high, and with edge anti-aliasing on just about all new video cards now, you can smooth those nasty jaggies out.
Now, of course if you’re going to be playing games on your PC regularly, it really is worth getting some kind of control pad to play them with. Since I have one, I personally recommend the Creative Cobra Game Pad. It has 12 buttons and a digital d-pad, which is great, since some of these games have 10 squillion functions to use.

Geometrically, it isn’t as detailed as most recent racing games, but it does have some nice effects, like pseudo car reflections, and lens flares, fog, shadows and what not. 84%
Sound: Only one music track, that’s really long, and pretty good sound effects. 85%
Pretty smooth playing if you follow my recommended PC specs. You’ll also find other background detail, like planes, a hang-glider, a train etc. 90%
This plays quite superbly, and the cars handle really well. 94%
There’s lots to do and stuff to unlock. Even better as a multi-player experience. 78%
Kalisto / Microprose have done a great job on this title. Originally a demo to show off the grunt of the Power VR, it still works great on other video cards too. 88%