Unreal Level Pictures

This page is so neglected, I forgot that it was even here. I may end up removing it. Any stuff I said you could get, is like unavailable now.

Stick ya mouse cursor over each picture to see which one has a larger image. Images will load in a new window / tab.

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My latest map: JMKs Tunnels. This was inspired by a dream as well.
My 2nd latest map, which you can now get JMKs Sanctuary 3. It was inspired by a dream I had to some extent. The more flowery looking tree came from a map I started in 2006 that was supposed to be like Minas Tirith from The Lord Of The Rings movies, but I never completed it. The floor inside was also used in my Big Bridges map, which I didnt release to download. There are a few bits of iffyness with the water, but Im not sure what causes it. Something to do with the drawing order.
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This is the Big Bridges map, my 3rd latest dealie. It got a few problems with it and decided to hurry up and finish it, because Id been working on it for about 2 months. It was partially inspired by an image I saw at DeviantArt.
This is my Skies Of Arcadia inspired Unreal Tournament level. Perhaps you can regard it as a tribute to this excellent game. When you pick up the Big Keg-O-Health in this level, you get a SOA sound effect instead, which I added in. (Click to enlarge it!)