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The 2016 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2016.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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Another winner of a song from Lovelyz. This is really great to listen to.
Geiles Himmelblau
The video for this is quite amusing, as this kid puts on these magic glasses that make everything better. In fact, the busker chaps that hand them over to him do better out of it as well.
Lee Hi
Hold My Hand
I really like this one! Itís got some pixelated looking computer generated extra drawings overlayed on it too. Although theyíre quite cute. Thereís a bit of English in here as well. Check out that rolling thing towards the end as well. It looks like a Segway dealie with nothing to hold on to.
Lee Hi
I think this song was written by Jonghyun of SHINee, and itís a really nice ballad. The video seems to rotate slightly as it goes on.
Lee Hi
My Star
This video inspired my Pink Foyer picture. Itís a great song, if not a bit too over-amplified in places. Apparently Lee Hi said she felt uncomfortable kissing that dude in it.
Fresh Adventure
Is this the right name for this song? I thought it also came under some other name. Anyway, I really like this one, and the LABOUM girlies look superb in it. Especially Zn & Soyeon. Soyeon also does a good high bit of singing.
Iím not sure where that building is with the arched windows, but Iíve seen it in quite a few Korean MVs.
Shooting Love
Ah! This is so good!
In Your Voice
I think this was Voisperís 1st song. It explains the groupís name to mean ďvoice whisper.Ē
Someone Like You
Ladiesí Code
The Rain
This reminds me a bit of some other song in places. Zuny looks quite interesting with her blonde hair.
Red Velvet
Russian Roulette
This was one of the 1st great Korean songs I came across, when I started looking at MVs from there, in 2017. Red Velvet look quite differently dressed and styled to how Iím used to seeing them now.
Playing With Fire
This was the 1st BLACKPINK video I saw, & along with As If Itís Your Last, these are the only ones the group did that I like. Iím really glad BLACKPINK have done so well, because they just seemed really nice. Perhaps more so than how their image of not being girlie girls depicted them. Just because Iím not a fan of their music style doesnít mean I donít like who they are, I guess.
Melissa Naschenweng
A Wahnsinn Mit Dir (Live at Silvesterstadl)
This is super great, and Melissa really goes off with that accordion.
Troglauer Buam
I reckon this songís one of the bandís stronger numbers, and youíve gotta smile at all the funny stuff they do with the plane. I dunno if the women who turn up are really related to them, but the one with the black top is a bit of a looker.
Susan Ebrahimi
Ich Male Herzen In Rot
This is a pleasant, easy going kind of song.
Andreas Gabalier
Andreas puts his raspy voice to good use in this fun song, but dang, if I sang like that, Iíd have no throat left. Anyway, it feels like a more modern spin on an older style rock íní roll kind of tune.
Get ready to go back to a 1920s feel with this brilliant, upbeat, catchy song. If you like older style costumes too, then the MV delivers with everyone dressed for the occasion. The song ends really superbly as well, which I like.
Thereís also this brilliant DressUp remix / redo / something, from 2020. Be sure to check it out as well. (Itís just a picture with a few moving bits for this, but the musicís the bit youíll want to pay attention to.)
Winter Wonderland
A really amazing Japanese song from the SHINee chaps. Itís a good ballad & the video is so nicely done too.
TT is supposed to look like 2 crying eyes: T_T, but you need to stretch your imagination a bit. It sounds more like titty. I like to sing: ďI like titties, just like titties. Tell me that theyíll feed my baby!Ē This oneís on my TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 CD.
Du Gefallener Engel
This song seems toíve been done by other people as well, but Sunrise were the 1st people I heard it from.
Cori Liu
Ban Hu Sha
Oh! This brings back wonderful memories of when I was watching I Will Never Let You Go @ the start of 2020. This was the song for Xue Feiís dance. The videoís just pictures really, but if youíve seen the show, you should appreciate this anyway, just for the song.
Mijuku Dreamer
This is great, but I think the ending feels like a bit of a fizzle out.