Contacting Me Terms & Conditions

Hereís the mumbo jumbo you need to know before you decide to contact me by e-mail or by ICQ.

• If youíre going to send me mail, please include a recognisable description for the subject, or it might get marked as junk, although Beagle is usually pretty good at keeping spam back. Try to use decent English (I hate bad spelling ) and please keep your e-mail below about 1 MB also, especially for your 1st contact.
• I no longer use ICQ. (I donít even have it installed now.)
• Also, donít ask me to change to any other chat programs such as MSN Messenger, ícos I donít install stuff to suit everybody else. So if anyone asks me again, Iím going to ignore you. I donít want to hear about fizzing Facebook or tossiní Twitter either. I have no accounts with any web site based ďcommunicationĒ services.
• Feel free to ask me about cheats or tips for any of the games I have listed (including arcade games). Donít bother asking about stuff that I donít own. If youíre looking for Sega related merchandise to buy on the Internet, then thatís okay. Although these days itís getting trickier. I donít mind requests about arcade games either. So if youíre looking to buy something, I may know of somewhere to get it.
• Donít even think of asking about pirated software, such as cartridge “ROMs,” CD images etc, even if you only use emulation as a means to judge whether or not you should buy a game.
• If youíre going to get up me about dead links or off site links that shouldíve opened in a new window, please be polite about it.
• Lastly, donít even think about asking what my phone # is, or address either.
ē If you have to send any computer screen shots, you must disable ClearType or any other font weird-ifying & colour-ising features, or Iíll just dump your message, since it gives me eye strain. Your monitor may suck, but mine doesnít.
ē If you do want to mention something that I might be interested in buying, you should address me directly, and explain how it relates to something Iíve written on my site, or else I may regard it as spam. And I send all junk mail to the governmentís database thing.
ē Please also be aware that Beagle (ó my ISP ó) has spam filtering, so if your message isnít replied to, it mayíve been misinterpreted as junk, and I donít check that so often.

And if you can abide by all that, you should be sweet. Oh, yeah, and being nice always helps too. Epsecially if Iím feeling grumpy.

ē To cut back on the amount of junk e-mail I get, you will need to remove the extra plus characters included in the addresses to prove youíre human. Just take them out before sending anything.

To send me e-mail to my new IIG related account.
To send e-mail to my Lavabit account. (Now back again.)

Note that I will report any spam to the ACMA without hesitation.