Screen Shots Of The Moment.

On this page, I’ll just have a short range of game screen shots, which will change from time to time. Hopefully regularly. Round 60 or so now, and all from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion again.

Aaaaaah! This was the creepiest thing ever! I came into this room of Fort Variela, and this necromancer was sliding around, leant over at about 45° backwards! She seemed to have no animation, yet she still attacked me as though she did. Very strange. It would’ve made for a great alternative Reanimate effect.
What’s the point of having a very hard locked door that’s already open?!
This is something I didn’t realise until recently — if you turn on the wire frame view, the map follows suit and draws it the same.
This seemed odd that my helmet got down to 0.5 “health.” I thought it usually only showed these in whole numbers.
Never mind that, dude — check out the Khajiit doing cart wheels behind you.
Actally, I zapped her, and the area damage hit the soldier bloke, so that’s why I got a bounty.
This bandit in Telepe seemed to get instant rigour-mortis. He went all stiff. Even when I dragged him around, he was still quite rigid.
This frost effect from my arrows created an amazingly broad “glow,” and it looked quite mystical & pretty. The reddish effect around the minotaur is extra damage from the bow’s own enchantment. I think this is near Kemen.
Dance on your claws, you cheeky beast!