The F-Zero GX Review.

Arcade Hardware: Sega / Nintendo / Namco TriForce system.
I knew about this game for some time before I got it. I saw it in Sydney at Galaxy World, back when they used to be there. F-Zero has always been a Nintendo game, but this time Toshihiro Nagoshi, who designed the tracks in Daytona USA and SCUD Race, has leant his skills to the designs of the courses in this joint Sega & Nintendo effort. Yes, itís a bit weird seeing Sega & Nintendo on the screen together, thatís for sure!
For those of you who donít know F-Zero, you drive high speed vehicles which hover over the track, going more than 1000 km per hour. The tracks are pretty long, but since youíre going so fast, they donít take all day to complete. You can choose from a multitude of drivers, and there are about 15 or more tracks, I think. Itís been a while since I last played it!

Aeropolis - Multiplex
Green Plant - Mobius Ring
Big Blue - Ordeal

As you race, you travel over recharging spots, which give your vehicle more energy for accidents or for boosting. Boost yourself too much, and you will run out of all protection. There are also spots which speed you up, parts of the track which are slippery and also dirty, which has a tendency to slow you down. If you fall off the track, youíll have to be reset. IN some cases, itís race over! You can smash into rivals and knock them permanently out of the race too.
On tight corners, you can press the analogue buttons on your controller at the back to turn harder, plus you can press B for the air brake. Although just letting off on the acceleration slows you down fairly well.

Graphics: Pretty good looking, and the GameCube does some neat stuff too, as the above screen shots will show. 85%
Ultra smooth in 50 or 60 Hz. No sign of slow down anywhere. Some of the backgrounds have extra things going on, but youíll be racing so fast, you wonít have time to stop and take in the scenery. 96%
Some of the music is pretty good. Techno kinda stuff here and there, and as for the sound effects, theyíre pretty decent as well. I personally like the sound of the restoring strip things, which I will get the correct name of later. 95%
Not as hard as it looks, although some tracks with gaps and thin areas will need some more concentration. That pipe course always makes me sweat, thinking Iím going to come right off! 92%
Thereís plenty to come back and do when it comes to improving your times, and itís just fun anyway! 80%
A brilliant racing game that all GameCube owners should consider. If you liked the arcade game, youíll enjoy playing the GameCube rendition too. Plus you can take your Memory Card to the arcade as well! 93%