The GameCube Page.

I never thought Iíd ever buy a Nintendo console really, seeing as Iíve always been a Sega supporter, but here we are. I got this console of course when I found out about the release of Sonic Gems Collection, since Iíve wanted Sonic The Fighters ever since I played it back in about 1996 ish, or whenever it was, and after about 9 years of waiting with no Saturn or Dreamcast release, I wasnít going to let it slip through my fingers, so to speak. Anyway for some reason Iíve always quite admired the GameCubeís hardware - I just didnít really intend to get one after going for the XBOX. Although some people kind of regard the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube & XBOX all in the same generation, I kind of feel thereís more of a line seperating the Dreamcast & PlayStation 2 into one group and the XBOX & GameCube into a later generation, purely because theyíre so much more beefy. The GameCube is strictly a games only console aswell. It has no support for audio CDs or any other type of “video disc” format. I guess itís kinda like Ferrariís policy on some of their cars, where they donít bother with all the extra gimicky add ons. You buy the car to race it, and have a great time with the speed and the rush it gives you. Thatís what itís meant for, without all the extra comfy stuff like carpet, leather seats, air conditioning and so forth. And perhaps thatís how the GameCube can be seen too in a way. Itís designed for playing games on, and if you want to play DVDs and CDs, get a player for them. Hee, hee. I guess thatís easy for me to say with other consoles on my shelf that have those abilities. But I didnít buy my XBOX to play just DVDs, and despite my Saturnís excellent CD player, I didnít buy it for just that either. I usually watch DVDs on the computer, and most of my CD listening is on my portable player.
Iíll give Nintendo one thing - theyíre concerned about quality. Each of their official products has a seal of quality, which assures you that the item you bought isnít some stingy rip off piece of junk.