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The 2020 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2020.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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Another opera sounding song, but as Iím recommending it, it must be excellent! Itís not what Iíd call perky, but more epic, which still made me feelÖ I dunnoÖ kind of energised in a positive looking way. The woman in itís rather attractive too. This one hasnít even had 125 000 views at YouTube yet, so give it a whirl!
This one reminds me of one of those module files in some parts. Itís not what I would call cheery sounding, but has a good strength about it. The ending seems a bit sudden.
All For You
This is a pleasant song with a lot of yellowness to the video. Yellow curtains, flowers, paintings, floating lanterns and umbrellas.
I wouldnít normally go for this kind of song, but I found it rather cheery sounding, and I liked all the computer generated stuff. Some of the dance moves look nifty as well.
(Yoon Bomi, Oh Hayoung & Son Naeun)
Love Is Blind
The group split into 2 to do 2 special MVs; the other one being Be Myself. This is probably the better of the 2. And when the ladies all pile onto the couch at the end: Ooooh! Squish me in there too! Naeun and Hayoung are probably my favourites for looks in APink, and Bomiís fairly nice as well, so this is a good combo.
This seems just a little bit reminiscent of Iím So Sick in some ways, ícos itís actually by the same composers. Naeun looks absolutely droolific in that black outfit. Expect lots of dum didda dum didda dum business.
This one has quotes from The Matrix. Itís a really catchy tune, but the endingís a bit abrupt. This seems to happen a lot, doesnít it? Thereís also a brief credits bit tacked on. Seokyoung really stands out with her blonde hair, and just looking cute. Visually, thereís lots of cool lighting with neon & fluorescent tubes.
Na Yoon Kwon
River Of Tears
This is a nice ballad-ish song with folks playing violins in the forest. Thereís a weird bit at 2:04, where it sounds like the volume changes.
Jun K. of 2PM
This Is Not A Song, 1929
What is it then? Oh, itís his heart. Iím pretty sure Jun K. wrote all of this himself, and itís rather good. The videoís a bit jerky in places, (like at 2:15,) and the song ends a bit abruptly, but the room looks nice. Overall though, itís superb.
DVWN + Cheeze
Ooooh! This is so-o-o-o cute! Plus the songís great as well. I used to hum it íround the house a bit. Thereís no computer animation either. All the characters are real. You can see it at the end in high speed, how they did bits of the MV. If you go to my gallery at DeviantArt, thereís a picture I did of the 2 main characters too.
Jung Seung Hwan
Whenever Wherever
This song seems to stand out by the amount of different instruments in it. It builds up to quite an orchestral finish, and even has a small choir. Thereís a flute bit that sounds beaut, and the entire song seems to have a good level of oomph to it.
Kyuhyun (of Super Junior)
A great song with some lovely piano playing.
Lee Hi
Lee Hi makes a great comeback here with a really superb tune. I think this is one thatíll grow on you more over time.
Little By Little
This is a nice song from a Korean TV show called Itís Okay To Not Be Okay. The audio quality is pretty good too, and it doesnít look like someone chopped the audio peaks off with a hedge trimmer.
A.C.E. (Adventure Calling Emotions)
Stand By You
The MV of this goes for quite some time. About 6 minutes & 13 seconds, because thereís an intro bit, and credits as well! But the main bit is worth checking out. It probably couldíve ended a bit better though.
Ko Hyun Joo
Waiting For Hope
This oneís quite operatic sounding, and feels emotionally powerful. It almost seems Chinese-y. Definitely a lot different to most of the other Korean music I usually hear each week. Make sure you watch this one! Itís certainly got a wow factor. Iíd say this one and Fate are the ones thatíll blow your socks off in the more classical feeling genre.
Open Mind
This isnít my absolute fave song of the year, but I think itís good enough to make my list. I can see the women (& some dudes I guess,) drooling over Wonhoís incredibly fit looking chest. Thatís one heck of a 6 pack he seems to have. The lift going up to over level 900 in the MV, reminds me of my grandfatherís 1000 storey building in my funny story that I write at home.
This is a catchy, Spanish sounding inspired song. If you want something upbeat and good to listen to, this one will be your choice. Thereís a great bit probably just after, or around the middle of it too.
99 (Gu Gu)
This is pretty catchy, but Iím not fond of the yacking some way through. Anyway, itís grown on me despite that, and I watch this one quite frequently now.
Look At Me
A pretty nice and lightly cheery sounding song. In the MV, a couple hang out doing fun stuff, and you can even spot Manx TT at some arcade. The frame rate is a nice smooth NTSC speed too.
Wieder Da
Another great sounding song by the voXXclub dudes. Thereís some great views in the MV, although the aerial stuffís jerky. But the songís too good to worry about that! Go & check it out!
Echte Freunde
This is a rather perky one. I dunno much about these chaps, apart from some other classical thing they sang.
Something In Your Eyes
Itís great to see Steps carrying on, 23 years after they began (at the time of this song). This one has that fantastic, reassuring, familiar kind of style thatíll make you smile.
This is so fast, perky and excellent sounding, you canít help feeling a happy buzz! Especially on the first couple of watches. I donít remember now if I looked up the lyrics for this, but to understand it I would, since itís Japanese.
This songís apparently from Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle. Itís best to listen to it a few times before it grows on you. I like the cute bears and the dancing bed at the end.
Interesting + Pai Gu Jiao Zhu
I donít speak Chinese, let alone being able to write or read it, so I hope this is correct. It was a real pain to find the link to, so check it out! It looks like itís from a game or a cartoon or something.
Irene & Seulgi (of Red Velvet)
I think this video was originally at this location. But if that doesnít work, try the main link to the right.
The amplificationís a bit over done on this one, but itís rather good if you can tweak your equaliser a bit. Plus the dance moves are worth checking out anyway.
Green Light
As well as Ruamin herself looking pleasant, there are cute teddy bears too. Hee hee. This is just a nice song all in all. One I almost didnít look at. If youíre after something mellow, yet on the happy side, this is a good pick. It gets to a really good bit around 2:55-ish to 3:02, and then finishes up.
Otsuka Ai
Peach (Tomggg Remix)
This might seem a bit strange @ 1st, but give it a chance, and it may grow on you. The video is like 2D computer graphics, with the scene sliding over to the left. There are lots of peaches, and things that look like peaches. Since this is a remix, I havenít looked up the original. I donít know if it has a MV either.
La Poem
Dazzling Night
If you want something a bit more opera-ish, this is actually a pretty brilliant song to check out. When it starts out, it sounds a bit like the James Bond theme. The dude in the chair has quite the high sounding voice, which is a bit of a contrast to the more baritone sounds of the fella with the beard. The car in it looks exactly the same as the one in Feedback by Ladiesí Code.
(Star To A Young Culture)
So Bad
This is by the same composer who did %% from APink in 2019, and I picked up on it from the 1st few listens. It took a few watches to like the song, I reckon, but itís one of my faves now. Youíve gotta love Yoonís cyan hair and her long plaits. I think all the girls were in their teenage years at the time.
This video has a strange 3:2 aspect ratio, which is a little bit different. The songís mostly great, but it couldíve finished up a bit better. Eunha looks amazing with her blonde hair, as does SinBís white outfit.
Twin Girls
Doom Doom Cha
Iím not sure what to think of this one. It looks like fun though.
Han Lee Jae (featuring Young Tak & Jeong Dong Won)
Knock Knock Knock
This is one of those traditional sounding songs or something. (Is it like a Trot genre? I donít really know. Maybe mildly.) Iíve heard Korean ones like this before, like that Cool Girl song by Jin Hae Sung with Eunha from GFriend. Itís got a vintage look to it anyway. Itís not overly cheery, but a good song all the same.
Blue Hour
If you chop the bonus bits off the start & the end, with the squeaky guitar business, then the middle bitís really good. The videoís quite vibrant with some attractive settings as well.
Nam Seung Min
Twist King
This is a really fun, cheery sounding song with a bit of a retro vibe, especially with what you see in the video anyhow.
Then, Now And Forever
A great rock kind of song. It couldíve been a bit heavier in my opinion, but itís most enjoyable anyhow & it ends well. Much better than a lot of their earlier tunes too.
Lee Mingyu
Fly Away
An easy going kind of song which you can probably hum along to. It picks up around 2:07 with a bit of a light, semi-bridge kind of bit & then finishes up in about 40 more seconds.
Day And Night
This is nothing like Billie Piperís Day & Night. I think this one was aimed for Christmas in 2020. The MV is like a simple cartoon, and thereís also an instrumental version out there, which I havenít looked at. It sounds a touch classical with a nice piano and an orchestral background. In the MV you see the dude grow up from a baby, and pass various critters and objects in the background. At the end it looks like he meets back up with his mum or someone, which feels touching anyhow.
Jyunky (+ Jami Soul)
Sugar Bomb
This is an old style sounding, jazzy kind of thing. It makes for a nice change, and itís enjoyable to listen to & finishes well. Itís probably not a sock-blower though. (It doesnít quite blow my socks off.)
Uza & Shane
A bit of a seemingly retro inspired tune. This one actually has a 4:3 aspect ratio for a change. What a miracle! So it fits my monitor perfectly. An enjoyable song to listen to as well.
Kisu No Hanabira (Chou)
I donít usually go in for these groups with a whole school classroom load of chicks, ícos a lot of their songs are a bit bland and generic. But this oneís quite good instead. It feels to me more like a European kind of tune rather than Japanese as well.
Vincent Gross
‹ber Uns Die Sonne
A Jeder
Time Warp
From my initial watch, Iíd say this song is quite weird, but I seem to keep going back to watch it. So Iíll mention it. It doesnít go all that long. Under 3 minutes without the ending bit. I like the matching outfits too. That black & turquoise, and their opposing gloves.
Dejan Vunjak
Ni Je Lepöe, Kot Si Ti
This translates to something like Thereís Nobody As Beautiful As You, I think it was. If you know better, write in & tell me. Anyway, the songís good. The videoís way too wide though. All in all, itís a cheery one worth a squizz.
Patty Gurdy
Leaves & Lemons
Oh wow! Apart from the slightly abrupt ending, this is really great! And how often do you ever see anyone playing the hurdy gurdy? Prior to this, Iíve only ever seen one played in Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe) & The Amazing Race, and both times I considered the music to be a bit depressing and dreary. This gives a whole new view on the instrument. Unless of course you play one yourself.
Thereís also another video of Patty playing the nyckelharpa too, which I only just discovered.
Patty Gurdy
Molly Malone
This songís in like 2 parts, with a change at 2:57 when they get into night time.