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The 2022 Music Videos Page


Here are my recommended MVs for 2022.

Check out songs with my star for the best choices!
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King Gnu
I wasnít sure how this one was going to play out on the 1st watch, but it was surprisingly great!
Ryokuōshoku Shakai
Some of the lyrics in this seem a bit repetitive, like the ďdatte need youĒ bit, which sounds more like ďniju,Ē but itís quite perky and fun sounding.
Airi Suzuki
High Beat Kibun
This is really fun and cheery. Kibun means mood in English, and it says that anyway on the poster in the video.
Glorious Days
This is a great, happy kind of song. Youíll get a smile on your face, I reckon.
Surii + Kagami Oto Ren
This is another one of those videos based around a still picture & just the lyrics, but the songís rather speedy sounding & to my tastes, so thatís why I have to recommend this one!
This is a little unusual, & itís in English as well. I kinda like the lyrics too. The audioís been a bit attacked with the hedge trimmers, but itís not too extreme. Like a lot of Japanese MVs, I wouldnít be surprised if this was related to some show, but I have no idea. I donít really watch any Japanese shows, ícos Iím just in it for the tunes.
Mrs. Green Apple
New My Normal
This starts off a bit slow, but picks up at around 27 seconds. Itís got a good, positive feeling, and a slight ďmoving forwardĒ / running feeling in parts.
I dunno what to make of the squeaky bits in this, but I still kind of like it anyway.
Rock íNí Roll Survivor
ďS - U - R, V - I - V - O - R!Ē It goes. It makes me think of Daytona USA. ďG - A - M, E - O - V - E - R!Ē Anyway, the song has a bit of an old school vibe about it, and it makes me think of Steve Tyler, or Mick Jagger or somebody. I love the ending with ďthatís all!Ē
The chicksí make-up and styling in this look a bit more like Japanese MVs from about 11 odd years ago, in some respects. Itís a pretty good tune, and the MV has a good frame rate too, so thatís a plus.
This is great, but itís too short! It wouldíve been nicer at around 3Ĺ minutes.
Ichiyou Legacy
Expect mostly static drawings in a 3D environment for this one, as far as the video partís concerned. You get the lyrics too. Some of the graphics have this terrible colour shift effect though, (like a deliberate chromatic aberration,) which is really stupid, but the songís very good, and I like the bit around 2 minutes & 22 seconds.
Karen Tsuchiya
The harmonica sounds really good in this, and it makes me think more of American music, rather than Japanese.
Life Is Beautiful
We could all use more days where things go as right as they end up doing in this video.
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
(Featuring Midories & Neru Nagahama + Tokyo Metropolitan Katakura High School Brass Band Club)
I presume the Midories are the reason for the green, since midori is Japanese for green. This is a big performance with the high school band making up a large portion of the numbers, and the song itself goes for almost 4Ĺ minutes. Having the extras, with all their instruments, sounds really good, so that was a nice touch.
Hi Cheers!
The video for this is just a bunch of irrelevant, random backgrounds with the lyrics, but the songís pretty good, and worth at least 1 look, I reckon. At least you can say they spent the money on the song, and not on the presentation.
This is the Japanese rendition of this song, but I think this group does Chinese versions as well. It starts a little strangely with a bit of a break after an initial build up, and ends okay, but I think it couldíve had another verse or 2. A little short, especially compared with some Japanese songs which go for over 4 minutes. But definitely one of the best songs in recent months.
Little Glee Monster
This isnít too bad. A little bit mild for my tastes though. I dunno the girlsí names, but the tall one is a real show-stealer, if you ask me. I kept wanting to look at her more than the other 2.
Troglauer (Buam)
If you donít mind some advertising for Makita, and some obvious hints at various movies, this is a fun song to check out. The Titanic bit should definitely at least make you crack a smile! Good grief!
And holey mackerel! Imagine really doing your teeth and having a shave with those power tools! Yikes.
Super Junior
Donít Wait
It looks like I finally had some luck with a great song from Super Junior after quite some time! This has quite the retro vibe. The background decoration stuff at the dance contest place looks like something out of the 1960s.
Audio wise, itís a bit of a typical Korean over-amplified jobbie, with the wave form looking like the peaks were sliced off with a sword, but it isnít overly noticeable when you hear it.
Rosario + Cross
Saisho Wa Good!!
This is another one of those ďlost in translationĒ kind of songs, that took me a while to find. (Itís from April.) Converting bits of Romanised stuff into Japanese and so on to get there. I think itís growing on me a bit. Itís definitely vibrant looking. The song itself isnít super cheery, but itís pretty good. Also, no over-amplification to speak of. The wave form appears to have no clipping, and it actually couldíve been ďnormalisedĒ to bring the highest peak up to full volume.
Ooh, and whatís this?! A PAL frame rate too? Whatís going on? That doesnít usually happen on Japanese MVs.
Tomo Primc
Carovnija V Mesecini
If you like a bit of instrumental accordion playing, this is worth a peek. Those things sure look tricky to get to grips with! It looks like it was from the set of some TV show, but I wouldnít have a clue. The song title translates to something like Magic In The Month.
Hanarenai Kyori
I thought I added this one before. Maybe I was in 2 minds about it. Itís pretty cute & catchy. Be sure to check out the instrumental version too.
Momo Asakura
Momoís from TrySail, above. This is a solo effort, with a classy, slightly old school feel about it. Hee hee ó I like her cute sounding voice. Sheíd be good doing teddy bear speech. The song name seems to be Italian for striking. This one has a better ending than Hanarenai Kyori too.
Shall We Dance?
This is some song for season 2 of Shadows House. And itís really good, so do have a listen.
The Bosshoss
Dance The Boogie
The lyrics for this are in English, but the group are from Germany. Itís a pretty catchy song, this one.
Mrs. Green Apple
This is a pretty cheery tune to check out! Itís quite perky, and Motoki Omoriís high pitched notes stand out in a good way.
Ansambel Upanje
Moja Slovenija
This is actually quite good, and if youíre after something a bit more traditional sounding, this songís an ideal pick. Those Rutar accordions are supposed to be some of the best available, and apparently have a sound which is typical to Slovenia. They sound pretty good to me!
This one took a few watches to grow on me, but I like it now.
Enjoy It!
This is a fan made video with the lyrics. As for an official MV, thereís only a short one. But I liked the song anyway. It seems to be popular, as there are loads of videos about it.
(I bought the CD since I wrote this here.)
Airi Suzuki
Heart Ha Oteage
This videoís more pink than a communist sympathiser! Actually, I like the colour of pink, but this is a bit sickening. Anyway, I guess it goes with the heart part of the song name. According to my Japanese dictionary, oteage means helplessness in English. The song grew on me a bit after a few listens, so Iíll mention it here & let you decide if you fancy it or not.
Whale Struggle, I presume the title would translate to. I think this is a cover of an older song, but Iím not sure. Itís fairly good. A little repetitive sounding in some parts. The videoís a bit jerky looking.
Around The World
I thought Iíd check this out, and it turned out to be rather good! Itís a good rock sounding tune, and the only thing I would say that could be a bit better is the sudden ending. Maybe a fade out wouldíve been more satisfying. The video frame rate is a nice smooth NTSC speed. I donít think thereís a jerk in sight. Really nice.
By My Side
This songís grown on me a bit since the 11th of September, when I 1st saw it. HmmÖ Whoís the best looking in the group? Aya Shirahama I reckon. You get to see all their names during the MV, which is a bonus.
Some of this MV was done at Think Space.
This is a collaboration with some camping supply company, but it isnít all that obvious what the brand is from the video. Itís probably not the best thing Sumika have done, but after a few watches, youíll probably like it.
Nathan Evans
Drunken Sailor
Ah, this old thing! Itís interesting how he says early more like ďearligh.Ē Was the original song like that, or what? Anyway, itís definitely worth checking out, and you get the lyrics too, so you can sing along.
Spinning World
I saw this 2 days after it came out, which was back in July, but I wasnít too sure what to think about it. Itís kind of okay. Not a real sock blower though. The ending has a fade out finish, which you donít seem to get in a lot of songs these days. Not the ones I listen to anyway. I thought Iíd mention it, since I had a few more listens again recently.
Genai Yugi
This is a pretty good one from GARNiDELiA. Struth ó how does Toku keep it together around MARiA? She always looks so stunning. If I was him, Iíd want to have a bit of a thing going on with her, even if it was just a little kissy.
Klapa Kmeti
Ne Pozabi Dedovinu
The song title seems to translate to something like: Donít Forget Your Grandfather. Itís not one of my usual happy, perky, fast choices, but itís a pretty good sounding song all the same.
Hakkoutai Solar Cycle
The frame rate on this is only 18 f.p.s., which is pretty cr@p, but as itís a cartoon, I suppose itís partially excusable. Personally, Iíd ratheríve seen some super fast 60 f.p.s. action to match the speedy feeling of the music. Aside from that, the songís good. Itís got some good high speed, perky bits, and the wave form is just within limits from being clipped looking.
From some other stuff I saw, I think itís related to some game.
Seven Lions + Light
Stop Thinking
This probably isnít the usual kind of music style Iíd go for, but I ended up liking it after all. The graphics are interesting as well. It feels like some kind of game. You also get the lyrics.
Mrs. Green Apple
This just came out within the last few hours or so, so itís pretty fresh. (The night of the 2nd of November.) The song is pretty long, at almost 6 minutes, and I think you should give it time to build up. The ending is rather well done too. I like a good ending, as you shouldíve read by now.
KŲniglich Bayrisches Vollgas Orchester
Wir Feiern Heut
Finally another decent MV for this yearís list. This is a little short if you ask me, but rather good anyhow. It looks like they had camera trouble as well, because thereís a distracting & irritating black line that keeps coming up in some scenes with one of their fish-eye looking views. I bet they threw that camera in the river after that. I like the colouring on that truck too.
This is from about the 27th of October to celebrate the 10th year of iRis. Itís a pretty good one, and Iíd say better than a lot of their earlier songs as well. The group are pretty much saying thanks for their fansí support, I suppose. I didnít have it translated, but I know arigatō means thank you. It goes for 4 minutes & 44.98 seconds, so a bit of a generous length here. Luckily itís enjoyable right to the end.
Chu Thķy Quỳnh & Hamlet Trương
Hoŗi CŰng
This is a rather traditional sounding song with some great background furniture in the setting too! Iím not very experienced with things of a Vietnamese nature, but it reminds me of Chinese stuff Iíve seen. Anyway, the song isnít the usual fast paced, perky thing I go for, but itís rather pleasant all the same, and I like the sound of it.
Red Velvet & Aespa
Beautiful Christmas
This came out last night (15th of December), and I thought it was pretty good. The presentation of the video is excellent, with lots of dazzling, pretty trees, and the girliesí outfits look great too.
King & Prince
Life Like Dancing
This one came out on the 1st of April, but donít let that fool you! The songís pretty good, and better than other stuff Iíve heard from this group. I heard it in July, so that was a bit of time after it was released, but it was more recently that I decided I liked it enough to add it here.
I hope thatís the correct translation of the song title too.
Smile Smile Ship Start!
I think Aqours are part of that same Love Live seriesÖ thing, that QU4RTZ are part of. I dunno if itís supposed to be like Aqua, ícos the uís in the wrong place. Or is it Aq-ours? Aq-wars? Who knows? Not me. Anyway, this songís a pretty good one, with some nice magical looking elements to the video.
ē I reckon itís probably like A-course to pronounce it. *Shrug*
Ōhashi Chippoke
This is from some game by the looks of it, which I have no clue about. (Ensemble Stars!!) Even if I was playing more video games these days, I still wouldnít know. Anyway, itís kind of mildly opera-ish sounding, which is an interesting change in the usual Japanese line up.
Dejan Vunjak
Brez Problema
The Lethal Weapons
Summer Day Mega Drive
(Natsu No Hi No Mega Doraibu / 夏の日のメガドライブ)
Awesome! A song about the Mega Drive! They sing about some pretty familiar titles as well.
Die Vielsaitigen
(The Many Stringed)
Romedi Landler
If youíre in the mood for something a bit classical & instrumental, this is a nice one to check out, as is Formel Eins from 2023. This one here is available at 50 Hz too, so make sure you get it @ that frame rate!
Katachi Naki Mono
I think this is related to some show, but I didnít get it for that of course.
Miho Okasaki
Inori Minase

I was impressed with most of Heeseyís album, 33 (Double 3), and that kind of old-school vibe about a lot of the tracks, so if you fancy some rock íní roll style action, check out these legitimate links to YouTube, of my fave tracks on the album. (I didnít take to track 1 or 12.) If you have the money and like the tunes, please do purchase the CD as well. (Only track 2 leads to a music video. The rest are just the audio with the album cover.)
Some of the track names have been translated from Japanese, so I hope theyíre pretty close.

2. Rock íNí Roll Survivor
Read my comments above for this one.
3. Double 3
This has a more serious sound, rather than a cheery feeling, but itís really great all the same, and also the album title, so this is that prime track. I dunno about the ďoui ouiĒ bit in the lyrics ó it makes me think of something else, and takes a bit of seriousness off it. But perhaps thatís more of a personal problem. A great ending though, and it runs out for over Ĺ a minute. I love a big finish that really concludes things, and this does it. Some songs have terribly abrupt endings which feel like they mirror somebodyís dissatisfaction in bed, if you catch my drift. Heesey knows things should be satisfying, and most of the tracks follow suit on this album.
4. Rally Roulette Roll
I donít want to say anything remotely racist, but dang, thatís a lot of Rs and Ls for a Japanese song. And they do sound a bit mixed up. Itís more like Larry Loorette Lor. Seriously though, I have nothing against the Japanese people, as my listing of songs for this year proves. I wonder if Heesey did this deliberately. Another superb track ó it ends quicker, but it isnít disappointing in any way.
5. Rain Sound Of LaraBai
A more subtle tune, which would be a nice song to have on while youíre enjoying a nice big fat steak in some fancy restaurant, watching the rain coming down outside. You might skip this one if you want a fast kind of bop, but itís certainly enjoyable for the right kind of mood. Thereís a good tinkly piano bit at the end as well.
6. Only One Love Song
This is really old school! When you hear that ďbup shoo wuddyĒ backing, youíll think: ďStruth! This came out of the 1960s or something.Ē This is rare to find a song that sounds along these lines these days. Itís the kind of thing your mum would enjoy as well.
7. Hippie Rose
This has a bit of a distorted sounding intro, which Iíd say is deliberate. The rest sounds clearer though. Probably a less happy sounding track on the whole, like Double 3, but really great anyway.
8. Thunder Gate Shuffle
Ah now things get up and going here. This has a bit of an old school feeling too. Like some old British thing from the 1970s maybe. One of my favourites for sure on the album. Probably the most abrupt ending here too, out of any of the tracks.
9. Samba No. 9
That Samba feeling comes right through here & no mistake. Itís got that good, cheery, traditional Spanish kind of vibe. Crack out your maracas and sweet, fruity drinks! It ends at about 4:01-ish and then has another fade out piece as well, like the party keeps on going.
10. Super Hyper Ultra Extra
A real stand out track, this one! Itís superbly cheery and upbeat. Expect a huge finish, which you can predict about a whole minute before it happens.
11. Infinity Of My Groove
This one feels a bit hippie & spaced out, like youíre going to see spinning rainbows at around 2:30. But itís not quite that intense for the rest of it. (Iíve heard some other songs in recent times that really sounded like the composers were on some kind of mind expanding drugs.) This one goes for about 6 minutes, and you may expect a fade out ending, but nope! It does finish properly.