There’s an issue that may affect certain Mozilla related browsers, such as Firefox, Pale Moon, Camino and the like, in which they will not download archive files correctly or at all. It may be related to restrictions with the server of my host. You may have more luck with Opera, or much older browsers such as Netscape 7. The most recent browsers should be okay too. If you’re having issues, please contact me if you want something by e-mail, for instance. Please also try using your download manager, if you have one installed.

On this page, I’ll be looking at various plug-ins / mods for Morrowind. All the ones I use, what I think of them, and what they’re about. I’m now going to have my Morrowind mods at the top of this page for you to download! Click on each picture to see it larger. If you want to see better pics, head on over to deviantArt. Most of my plug-ins are also available there:
If you wish to upload my plug-ins to other Morrowind related sites, you may do so, so long as the archives aren’t changed. It would also be recommended to include a link to this page, so that potential users can check if anything’s been patched. If you could let me know you’ve also uploaded them elsewhere, that would be good too.
I’d also like to mention that I have given permission for a few of my plug-ins to be merged in with the Solstheim Overhaul Pack Project. So, if you see some of my stuff included with that, I’ve been asked. Thanks to those of you who asked 1st.
DeviantArt’s a pain in the bum now, and it asks you to join to download stuff, so if you prefer, I’m still fairly happy to send you any of my plug-ins to your personal e-mail address. Just check out the contact page to send me mail.
• Now that my site has moved to the hosting space provided by my new ISP, I.I.G., I now have all my plug-ins available here! Most of the “read me” files’ve been updated with my new e-mail address, but some may still mention my old site address.
• I’ll also mention Oblivion plug-ins here as well, if you’re interested. Check out any I’ve done, further down!

• » » » Grab yourself my Ingredients List also. Plus my one for Oblivion! « « «

JMK’s Gems Addition — Adds ModMan’s Gem Pack to the game as a bunch of new ingredients. You should use version 1.5 that I included, as it has more sensible pricing and a broader range of effects, and is compatible with my later plug-ins. (Requires only Morrowind.)
(629 KB)
Thugs & Louts — Adds 62 enemies of 20 variations to various places around Vvardenfell. Adds a bonus one to Solstheim if you have Tribunal & Bloodmoon. (So you may use the Morrowind only version, if that’s all you have.)
(Just so everyone knows, I’ve given permission to a chap called David Lawlor, to do an altered version of this plug-in.)
(43 KB)
JMK’s Ingredients Addition — Adds even more ingredients to the game, from tooth paste and oranges, to sherbet and Ogrim Flab. (Doesn’t require Tribunal or Bloodmoon.)
(654 KB)
Redoran Sanctuary — Save any outdoor location without disturbing your Mark spot, and zap into this portable home where you can rest up, store loot and also teleport to 6 other unusual locations. Recommended for when you’ve finished all the main quests. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(38.3 KB)
Inner Depths 1 — Go underground on my 1st dungeon crawl plug-in for Morrowind. Get amazing loot and kick some butt as you go. Totally independent and guaranteed not to disturb your main Morrowind experience too much. (Requires Tribunal & Bloodmoon.)
(57.3 KB)
Hidden House — Adds a trap door to the Great Bazaar in Mournhold, plus a ring to teleport you into a nifty personal house! Has its own mini arena which you can bet on, nudie dancers, plenty of storage and a bit of history behind the place. There are also 5 new ingredients. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(155 KB)
Inner Depths 2 — More “dungeon crawling” action over multiple different zones, but now from the Grazelands in 2 entrance locations! (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1 MB)
Tunnels And Bridges — Makes a handful of locations in Vvardenfell easier to pass with the odd tunnel or bridge. Also has a guide book on where to find them. (Requires only Morrowind.)
(101 KB)
Solstheim Lighthouse — Adds a lighthouse to the east of Fort Frostmoth with a keeper who can trade with you, and a room which you can use. (Requires Bloodmoon, obviously.)
(20.6 KB)
Inner Depths 3 — Another dungeon crawl style plug-in, but this time in Solstheim! Also has 2 entrances. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1.02 MB)
Mysterious Floating Island — My 1st finished plug-in with quests. Over the West Gash kinda region, a strange, populated island has floated in. Has a room for you, a guest room, a dancer and several services. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1.66 MB)
Northern Island — Travel to Hebrash Island and find new people, quests, and other cool stuff. Has a Larimar mine too. Kinda located half-way between Solstheim and the Sheogorad region. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(885 KB)
Bosmer Companion (With Patch) — Meet Sammie in Ald’ruhn and let her loneliness be cured by coming with you. Over a 10 stage quest, she’ll become your friend and then lover. You will require the patch to fix her stats problem. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1.18 MB)
Ashlands Village — Make your way south-east of Ghostgate, and find this remote, yet flourishing village, which has several quests and many secrets. This is the full version with the extra programs that weren’t allowed at deviantArt. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1.22 MB)
Sunken Pirate Base — Go deep into the sea to reach one of the bases of The Green Leather Club. Take part in various thief style quests and also get your Skeleton Key repaired. Do a few jobs in a prison and find some sexy books. (This is the updated version with 4 fixes already made. Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(1.4 MB)
JMK’s Item Shop — Get extra items that were left out of Morrowind, plus a few items which were converted to miscellaneous stuff that you can buy and take with you. (Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal.)
(482 KB)
In case you have any issues trading with the owner, there is this patch which removes his faction attribute. You will need to load it ALSO, and AFTER the main plug-in. If you’re of House Hlaalu, you should be okay.
JMK’s Coastal Health Spa — Take it easy and relax at this south-eastern resort. Take part in quests at your leisure, find exciting new plants and admire the alternatively textured architecture. (Requires B & T.)
(1.46 MB)
Lighthouses Of Vvardenfell — Around the coast of Vvardenfell are 11 new lighthouses which all offer services and transport. Use them as havens on your distant exploration or to get around the coast quickly. Works in with the one at Seyda Neen too. (Requires only Morrowind.)
(1.21 MB)
Indoor Garden — Collect every plant ingredient in the game, plus plants from my previous mods and several new ones, including stuff inspired by Oblvion & Shivering Isles. (Requires B & T.)
(1.04 MB)
Here’s a new optional patch for Ash Yams to be sold, which I initially forgot, it seems. (732 bytes.)
Inner Depths 4 (With Patch.) — More dungeon crawling style action in the West Gash region. Also has a small quest this time. Find some great gems, more intriguing loot and even a bonus shop. You should use the patch to fix the boost crystals. (Requires B & T.)
(2.98 MB)
Western Island — Head west from Ashurnibibi and discover the Loroneth Island, where many cool secrets and new items await you! There are several quests and also a link to a book in Sunken Pirate Base. Has a secret realm for you, called The Nook, plus Varla & Welkynd Stones.
Please be aware that there is a minor error in this plug-in to do with the JMKWeIsLadyDeadCheck script, where a grave will appear instantly after a woman is killed, instead of delayed for 4 days. If you play the plug-in right through as soon as you install it, it may work as orignally intended. You’re welcome to fix the issue yourself, but as it’s part of my main saves now, I’m not going to fix it.
(2.81 MB)
Dry Ingredients — Adds Dried Belladonna, Dried Holly & Dried Wolfsbane to the containers and new containers in Solstheim. The ingredients themselves were also in Indoor Garden. (Requires Bloodmoon.)
(51.4 KB)
JMK’s Ring Fix — Corrects the black ring problem in Morrowind without having to use an ESP file.
(176 KB)
JMK’s Heartwood Fix — Fixes the shared texture issue between the Heartwood ingredient in Bloodmoon and the various Telvanni meshes. Has no ESP file, so your mod load order isn’t affected.
(84.1 KB)
Forsaken Castle — Travel to a strange realm and help to clear out an invasion of Daedra, then also get to use the place as a bit of a home / base. Has some extra quests too.
(2.54 MB)
Ald’ruhn Arena — Participate in at least 24 battles and also watch fights. It’s kinda like a gladiator dealie for Morrowind. After all, there was the Arena in Oblivion, and the Arena canton in Vivec. Has vocal announcements for every fight by yours truly.
(You will need to convert the MP3 files to WAV for use in Morrowind. If you have XMPlay or Winamp, you can do this easily. XMPlay is the quicker of the 2 to use, to do it, by the way.)
(3.75 MB)
My Portable Room — This is a “to-the-point” compact room, which you can zip into to store stuff, then come back from again, using a Mark & Recall method.
(7.28 KB)
JMK’s Gem Supplies — Adds 20 new gems to the game for use in potions, which fills in some of the “weaker” effects in the line-up, which only had 2 ingredients or so to make such a potion. You should use my other plug-ins with this, which are ingredient based, plus Forsaken Castle is recommended too. :-)
(599 KB)
Strange Grove — This is an island between Vvardenfell and Solstheim. It’s its own kingdom, and the main quest has you defending it from rogue Imperial invaders. There are also other side quests, a lolly shop, and a creature racing joint too! Help to get revenge for a couple of slaves, buy your own house and find various secrets about the island.
(3.33 MB)
Prison Island — Travel south to an island with a moat of lava and participate in various prison related quests. Execute villains and also set some free. Requires B & T as usual.
Update: There’s a very minor oversight by me in regards to Pompio Gratarius, one of the inmates. If you speak to him about Hithinmor Prison before the warden sends you to him, he’ll think you’ve come to take him away. It shouldn’t affect the main quest if you kill him, because his script doesn’t update the journal. Also, the executioner won’t know anything, because he does check the journal quest level. So, just tell him to stay where he is, if you do happen to speak to him about the Hithinmor Prison topic. That said, I hope I didn’t overlook anything else.
(731 KB)
No current preview.
Meet Me In Morrowind — Meet me, as my character, in Morrowind. Find out a few things about me from reality and in-game. Challenge me to a duel or have me become your companion. This is intended to be just a one off sample mod that you shouldn’t install permanently in your game.
(9.97 KB)
Dwarven Relic — Based on (and with permission from) MySoulShard’s Dwemer Artifact / Dwarven Relic. Meet a woman at the Lucky Lockup in Balmora and proceed on a quest from there to power up a strange amulet. Get a strange realm of magical doorways to most of the Dwemer ruins + the ability to call upon 3 Centurions. Download here as usual or see my page at DeviantArt for more info.
(This has been updated with a typo fix up.)
(And updated a 2nd time with a correction to a pillar. There’s an extra ESP file for those of you who want to try the new version, but the original remains too.)
(589 KB)
Ayleid Remnants — Find and explore 3 new Ayleid ruins in and near Solstheim. A 4th one is like a society base for research. There are a few quests and new goodies too.
(There’s a slight oversight that I noticed today, while I was capturing some video from this. The unique Lich, Rendurth Paravor, is set to respawn, when he should be a one off. So if you see him again, just avoid him.
• Secondly, you may need to use the ATi video card textures with some nVidia cards as well. I discovered that the glass panels were not transparent on my new PC, but once I’d used the textures I’d aimed for use on ATi hardware (now AMD), they showed up correctly. So please be aware of this too! The panels are the ones with the reddish to blue blend and the tree like design.)

(4.78 MB)
UnderWater — Find out about a necromancer attack in Caldera, and then go to a strange underwater facility of Meridia worshippers. Find the Bone Columns and infiltrate the necromancers’ magical headquarters.
If you’d like some extra details in the Secret Sea Facility, there’s an add-on for that too.
Bubblers Of Morrowind — Adds 8 new bubblers to Balmora, Ald’ruhn, Sadrith Mora, Vivec, Ebonheart & Mournhold. Vivec having 3. See more at DeviantArt.
You can see sample screen shots over at D.A. at the moment (for the plug-in below).
Discoveries & Adventures
Take part in 40 adventures across 4 guilds. One in Gnisis, Pelagiad, Tel Aruhn & Mournhold. Find 18 discoveries, and report them for money. Visit another strange realm, a new Dwemer ruin, use explosives, sink a pirate ship and get lots of new goodies.
(6.14 MB)

Signs Of Morrowind

There seem to be quite a few other plug-ins out there which deal with the sign posts of Morrowind, making them readable from a distance. This is not what this is. This gives you a selection of signs to put in your own house / lair. Stuff that says: Imperial Items, Orcish Items, Stalhrim Items etc. There are also arrows to point the way to stuff, 2 door mats, 2 signs that say “My House,” a Dwemer “marker beam” to show a particular spot from a distance, 36 letter and number blocks, and a quirky candle and previously-mentioned-block holder.

(2.1 MB)

Morrowind Riches

Collect 50 new items from a wide variety of places around Vvardenfell. Get the guide book in Ald’ruhn, and you’ll know where to go. Items include a foot stool, bell, gong, magic mushroom, golden shell, a mysterious book and a couple of paintings.
This should not require Bloodmoon / Tribunal.

This plug-in has now been updated with new textures and meshes for those of you who were having issues with the transparency on items which also had bump mapping.

(2.98 MB)

Scary Ruin

Head north-west from the Ahemmusa Camp, to find the haunted Dwemer ruin of Mzelch. Strange things have been happening there, with walking mummies, shadows and dark skeletons with glowing eye sockets. Find new items as well, and take part in 3 side quests. This one’s a bit shorter than my other stuff, but it’s only at one location.
See some better pictures at DeviantArt as well.
Please note that there is a spelling mistake in the directory for the sound effects. It should be “Sound”, not “Sounds.” Simply extract the sub directory in the RAR file to your Sound directory under Data Files, where you installed Morrowind.
(3.62 MB)

Inner Depths 5

Now available right here.
Like the first 4 Inner Depths plug-ins, you head off underground, choosing different routes through varying zones. This time there are 2 new creatures as well, plus the return of the mummy from Scary Ruin. Also, each main area has a “boss” or goal, which will activate a teleporter to the area.

(8.17 MB)


Morrowind Mesh Resource Pack 1

20 mostly new meshes by me to use in your own plug-ins. The textures are all from ones in the game, but you may change them.
1. Hook mounted plant pot
2. Cupcake
3. Frying pan from Discoveries & Adventures
4. Jewellery box
5. Crane
6. (Smoking) pipe
7. Squeeze bulb perfume sprayer
8. Stove
9. Latrine
10. Muffin
11. Room corner shelves
12. Glass display
13. Scrubbing brush
14. Shoe / boot scraper
15. Tiered cake stand (from Morrowind Riches)
16. Water pump
17. Rake
18. Hand cart
19. Cooking pot
20. Foot stool

[157 KB]

Plant Pots

Get yourself up to 30 new potted plants, including a few plants that look like ones from the main game. These do not have ingredients to take, since they’re not containers. I just did them for decoration. Some need to be put on the floor, but others are small enough for desks, tables and shelves. An in-game book is included, which informs you about each pot and where to buy the pots from. Some traders don’t sell the book though, but you will have luck getting it in Caldera or Balmora.

(1.19 MB)

Sapphire Mine

Between Bal Isra & Maar Gan, is a sapphire mine with a water pumping windmill. After an egg mine failed to pan out, House Redoran went looking for sources of water, what with talk of expansion at Bal Isra, and after it was found from the old egg mine, sapphires were discovered too.
Go on a 10 part main quest, plus 6 side-line mini quests as well. Get an endless supply of sapphires for selling or making potions. But watch out for the guards! The plug-in also has a sapphire arrow, mace and staff, plus a silverware cup with a sapphire and a ring. See over at my DeviantArt account for screen shots.

This has now been updated to correct a script error with Dausaniel. If you have not downloaded this before, use the new ESP file. If you have, when the main quest is over, simply return to Ebonheart, open your console, click on Dausaniel, and type DISABLE. It will have the same effect. She was supposed to go when you returned to the mine, but the script only checked for this at one journal level, instead of any level above. This was a really stupid oversight on my part, because I usually write my scripts to avoid doing it this way.

(600 KB)

My Own Island

Head to the far west of Seyda Neen to a lush island where they call you Lord / Lady. Earn profits from the mines, take part in some small quests and get some people in for a banquet. See more at my DA account. This will conflict with the Tamriel Rebuilt project, so be fore-warned.

(10.1 MB)

Outer Realm

At last it is done! The plug-in I began in 2013 and just abandoned. Now resurrected on the 30th of June (2019) for your playing pleasure!
Travel to various realms of Oblivion and meet the Daedric Prince, Sanguine. There are lots of quests and new people to meet; all with their own unique speech. Help to rescue an Altmer named Astrid return to Vvardenfell and maybe even oversee the building of a new shrine.
Because of the sexually suggestive text and some artwork that has a bit of nudity, you will need to have an account at DA to prove your age, if you download it there instead of here. I know this is a pain in the bum, but it is free. Or you can contact me by e-mail and I can send you the archive that way. But you must be over 15, which is the Australian age rating. But now my site’s moved, you can dowload it here at last.

(17.6 MB)

Oblivion Plug-Ins Right Here!

Talos Plaza Manor

This plugin adds a house to the north-west corner of the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City, which you can purchase for a bit over 10 000 Septims from Thoronir @ the Copious Coinpurse in the Market District. You’ll also spot 3 flyers which mention the house is for sale. You can just take the ones from the front door, when you move in. Special features include a travelling ring to teleport you to 5 various Ayleid ruins, some enchanted gauntlets, a remote access chest and a restorative crystal cluster. The house has named storage, which is all safe to use, plus respawning food & drinks containers in the basement, which are marked as such. There’s also a bonus sub-basement. You must have Shivering Isles installed & the latest official patch. No other script extenders or 3rd party add-ons are required. The included “read me” file will explain more.
Download size: 30.2 KB

Houses Collection

This plug-in adds 4 houses to Cyrodiil and one to the Shivering Isles on the Mania side. (Kind of east from Hale.) This is an underground “ruin” style place, called Jennich. Although it isn’t all that ruined. In Cyrodiil, the 1st house is to the east of Abandoned Mine, right on the invisible border, & it’s called Verdant View Manor. It has a lookout tower, which is linked to the basement, and a doorway @ ground level, plus a small garden area of crops. There’s an instant teleporting ring (which might cause issues with companions), like Talos Plaza Manor, and a magic chest again too, which you can access from pretty much anywhere at any time. The 2nd Cyrodiil house is called Topaz On The Water, (because it’s an orange building, and a lot of topazes do tend to be that colour. Although they do come in other colours too of course —) and it’s located in Topal Bay, just north of Leyawiin. (On the island with the walkway and that little boat.) This is a 3 level mansion with a basement. There’s also a small fort like residence north-west of Broken Promises Cave. There’s a great view from here of Chorrol, Skingrad, Kvatch & the Imperial City. Well, the bridge to the Imperial City anyway. The 5th place, is called Pearl House, and it’s to the north-west of Anvil, just down the hill from Crowhaven. All the joints have instant teleporting buttons as well, which take you to various locations without the time taken by fast travelling. This may cause issues with followers too, so just be aware of that. I haven’t tested this to be certain. You shouldn’t use any teleporting jewellery while you’re on a horse either, or from within Mehrunes Dagon’s realms of Oblivion.
This plug-in is not compatible with Knights Of The Nine, because Pearl House is in the same location as Garlas Malatar. I really had no idea that something official used this island, as I don’t have this add on pack.
Download size: 1.6 MB

A Little More Access

This one adds a key for a door in Unmarked Cave, plus a key for the door to the upper levels of the Imperial Palace, and a couple of buttons to unlock the door in the Hall Of Epochs, to the guards’ chambers in the palace. But these last 2 are only available after you complete the Thieves’ Guild main quest.

Download size: 6.69 KB

Inner Depths: Oblivion 1

This is like my Inner Depths plug-ins for Morrowind. You start off at Fort Wintergate, to the north-west of Hermaeus Mora’s shrine. I always felt some joint should be up in this location. I went up there once, and thought: This is a really neat spot. But there’s nothing here. So this had to be the location for this plug-in! Once you’re in the fort, you can then choose whether to head to the east or west. At some points, you can cross over between each side, and you will need to do this to get to the last stage as well. (The key for the right entry door is on the west side, and the key for the left entry door is on the east side.)
After the fort, you can explore a cave or castle style basement, then a gold mine or “Imperial dungeon” style section. Following them is an Ayleid joint, and opposite it, is a sewer. Beyond them, is a tomb and a sub-Imperial Dungeon type of zone. These 2 places both lead to the Ayleid ruin of Andabala, which means Long Power. Assuming you’ve found the sword & crown of Andabala on your journey, you can then access the final room, which has been preserved for centuries, and contains a nice reward, I think. Make sure you collect any meteoric glass along the way, and some silver, if you want the final gifts.
Look out for some complimentary poetic books I wrote, and lots of nice loot as well. Face off against 84 new bandits, marauders, vampires & conjurers. (20 random choices of each, and 4 “bosses.”) Plus wilderness creatures, the undead, easy and hard Daedra (including Hungers and Flesh Atronachs from Shivering Isles), goblins and plenty of rats and imps.
Check out the entry region of the fort before you go in, plus the bonus tent inside the walls. Here you can use a bed and a safe chest for your own storage.
No 3rd party script extenders are required, or anything from Knights Of The Nine. Just Shivering Isles is the extra requirement, and its latest patch.

Download size: 1.49 MB

Cyrodiilic Outposts

Add 10 varied Imperial Legion outposts to your game. Most are in remote locations, but a few are in more common areas. Get a few extra, new books, plus one from my Bosmer Companion plug-in for Morrowind. See guards on patrol, all of who are unique, facially, and trade with a variety of merchants. You can rest up at each location and even store your stuff there. A rough map is included in the archive, so you can see where each place is, and this should help you to determine if it might conflict with other plug-ins you have. The Read Me file also explains what regions are affected.
Download size: 808 KB
See 12 images at my DeviantArt gallery.

Inner Depths: Oblivion 2

Shivering Isles will be requried again, but no other add-ons. This time NPCs go on the move, and your final reward is the magical Daedric Cube to upgrade your gems, plus make black soul gems as well. There’s a separate container to convert your gems & Daedric Tokens into enchanted arrows. You may also find some fun staffs.
I’ve also included a slightly iffy item as a bonus, which you can drop and teleport back to. Unfortunately the game’s bugs are causing issues with it. You can only drop it in interior locations. Like shops, houses, caves, Ayleid ruins etc. If you drop the item in an exterior environment, it will vanish the next time you change to a different area. It seems to be directly related to items which were placed in the open. I tried it with another plug-in I have, and an old save from 2009, and it was the same thing which happened.
Anyway, there are 106 NPCs, all freshly made! 5 of them are one-off boss characters, 1 is a shop keeper, and the other 100 are randomly picked baddies. Although each one has their own schedule, so you’ll see them eating, sleeping and even going to other locations.
This time, there are bandits, marauders, conjurers and vampires, like last time, but also necromancers now. There are 10 main zones, but some are divided into 2 or more cells. The initial castle has about 7 areas, and the last zone has 3.
You can read some other stuff and see a better quality lot of screen shots if you pop over to my DeviantArt gallery as well.
»»» There’s a minor glitch with this plug-in. At the start of Relegated Catacombs, (— the area with the necromancers —) there’s a floating pillar, which took me a while to notice. Just open your console dealie, click on the pillar and type in: SetPos Z -400, and that will fix it.

Download size: 502 KB

Ayleid Mansion

Purchase the cliff-side residence of Nenbal Sepredia from Bruma, then move on in to experience your own master bedroom with labelled storage, a large gallery for displaying your goodies, an indoor pool, a transporter room, 2 shops, a staff room, a garden sanctuary, throne room, dining room, 2 shops, an entertainer, a cleaner, 4 outdoor places to sit, including 2 areas up the side of the hill, a remote access Ayleid coffer and a transportation amulet.
(Requires Shivering Isles.)
Download size: 509 KB

Castle Riches

This plug-in adds more respawning goodies to the castles of Cyrodiil, so you’ll want to head on back there, and snoop around more often! You’ll find things of value that are already in the game, plus lots of new goodies too. There are over a dozen new gems in 2 levels of quality, my Dwemer U Tube from my Mysterious Floating Island Morrowind plug-in, other Dwemer things, jewelled eggs, expensive metal bars and also new liquor. (Sherry, melon liqueur, 200 year old brandy and absinthe.) There are also 3 staffs to find, plus a set of enchanted armour. Since you’ll be nicking just about everything, I’ve also included a wealthy fence in the Market District of the Imperial City. Her secret store can be found in an underground passage.
Enchanted arrows won’t appear until you get to level 10, and enchanted weapons and armour will only appear at level 15 and above. Alchemy equipment is also spread out to about level 20.
Download size: 2.69 MB
Inner Depths: Oblivion 3

Head east from Anvil to the little island you can see on your map, and make your way into Anda Veamath, where pirates & smugglers clash with bandits and marauders, as they jostle to get the upper hand. There are 80 new NPCs who you may encounter, plus sections with the undead and daedra too.
Get 10 new items, 3 new books, and plenty of regular loot. Work with making new Soul Stones, upgrade them too, and also your regular soul gems. If you find the secret area, you can also get a magicka boost and restoration that lasts for 6 real hours. (Requires Shivering Isles.)
Download size: 2.51 MB
Now there are other characters going around to various Ayleid ruins, forts, caves, mines and having dinner in the cities apart from you. There are 20 single respawning, generic NPCs, a group of 3 explorers who have a week long schedule, 4 peddlers on the main roads and 4 fixed shop keepers in new rooms. You also get a PDF file to print if you wish, of the schedules.
Download size: 273 KB
JMK’s Gold Deposit Vault.
See the Oblivion Page for more infomation.
Download size: 11.5 KB
Like my Cyrodiilic Outposts plug-in, this one adds 8 new buildings to the Shivering Isles. There are 4 Mania locations and 4 Dementia joints. Now you can take a breather while you’re out in the wilderness, instead of wishing you were back in New Sheoth, or the inn at The Fringe. You also have the chance to trade your items, and purchase a few new things. Bigger locations like Ursayne and Lustful House give you your own private space to sleep, while the others require you to share with the local guards. Each location has at least 4 guards that work in shifts, so there are about 2 at a time on patrol outside, while the others eat and snooze. Xetherarn has 6 guards. All the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers have unique faces, but I tried to make them all look pretty good. Plus there are a small amount of dudes too; not just females. You’ll also find teleportation buttons to send you to the other locations from the 1 you’re at. These are not doors though, so don’t worry about this screwing with your fast travel timing. There are plenty of unique items to collect as well, so keep your eyes peeled. A map is included in the RAR file, of where the new places are located.
Download size: 1.5 MB
Head to the eastern side of the Great Forest, west of the Imperial City, and north of Ceyatatar, to find the Mystical Garden. It’s halfway between Haynote Cave & Breakneck Cave. At night time, the place is a-glow with crystals, light beams and little twinkles. Sleep outside on those warm, summer nights, up on the elevated walkways between the trees. You’ll find outdoor storage, shelves and even a small dining area for 2. When the weather turns bad, head for the tree house and get nice and cosy.
Keep your eyes peeled for the respawning coffer of goodies and the magical “panel” which will let you access a reliquary remotely, from anywhere at all.
Download size: 109 KB
Now you can get the 5 main varieties of crystal gems from 10 mines around Cyrodiil. 2 mines are “operational,” meaning they have miners who are protected by guards, a bit like some of the mines in Morrowind. These people actually hit the crystal deposits though, then knock off for dinner, and go to bed. The other 8 mines have enemies, such as goblins, bandits, the undead, necromancers, marauders, wilderness creatures and vampires.
You can also find some bonus locations within the mines with some minor secrets and other goodies.
As for the gem rocks, you will need to have a pickaxe / recently used pickaxe in your inventory to collect the gems. A bit like getting the raw stalhrim in Solstheim, in Bloodmoon.
Download size: 865.4 KB

Yorick’s Tower (by Spok).
Download This At The Official Site.

Yorick’s Tower (Master’s Chambers) — Inside
Yorick’s Tower — Outside

Yorick’s Tower is one of the best house mods available and is excellently well constructed. With the choice of a quest version, you can either win the place or just move on in. With a generous array of mannequins in wood and stone, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to show off pretty much every type of armour available.
In terms of storage, you’ll be set for life, as every container has a limit of 100 000 weight units, and there are plenty for every type of armour in just the Master’s Chambers! Other areas include an impressive 2 storey main hall, a library, laboratory, smithy, armoury, dungeon, kitchen, bath, cellar, 2 guest rooms, staircase, gallery, attic and even a secret area. The main hall and gallery can be a little bit jerky, even on my PC, so you probably want something better than the minimum Morrowind requirements.
Yorick’s Tower has a bonus ESP file for the Tribunal & Bloodmoon expansions, so you can play with it on just plain Morrowind too. Inside, you’ll find wells, basins and a bathtub to top up your health and magicka. Not only that, but a very well hidden sword called Molotoch and an easy to find ring which will return you to the tower from pretty much anywhere else.
In the attic are several automatically locking chests to practise your Security skill, as with the dungeon gates too. Although with these, you’ll find a key to get them open also. As well as the amazing amount of beds to lie down on for a snooze, you’ll also find some handy couches where you can have a rest. The laboratory has sorters for ingredients, potions and scrolls, plus plenty more storage for other stuff too. There’s a great table for laying out your ingredients while you make potions and a nice warm fireplace in the corner.
Guests and service people from other mods aren’t too big a problem either, as there’s plenty of space for them to go too.
Almsivi Intervention from here will take you straight to the temple in Gnisis, which is handy if you want repair hammers, with that dude nearby.
Getting there in the beginning is a bit of a swim west from Gnisis, but once you have Yorick’s Ring, you won’t need to do this as often. All in all, this is definitely a recommended download! A perfect house for a grand hero that likes to collect lots of goodies.

Castle Hestatur (by Spok).
Download This At The Official Site.

Castle Hestatur — The Gallery.
Lord’s Chambers.
Castle Hestatur — Outside.

From the same author as Yorick’s Tower, is the jaw dropping Castle Hestatur, which appears to be a previous mod. To the north of Sheogorad, this player home is fit for royalty. Which you might as well be, after all the hard work you do for Morrowind. The Royal Palace in Mournhold? It seems like a slum in Gnaar Mok in comparison. With a luscious Lord’s Chambers, Gallery, Prison, Guard Towers, Feast Hall, Guest Rooms, Laboratory, Chapel, Crypt, Basement Hallway, Attic and more, you could probably store every item from Morrowind in this one building. As with Yorick’s Tower, each container will support up to 100 000 weight units, and there are apparently over 600 of them, not including the ingredient jars. Once again, you’ll also find a special ring which comes with the place that takes you to several locations in the castle and unlocks a hidden area! You’ll also need it to activate the impressive teleporter orbs in the laboratory, which will take you to all sorts of places in Vvardenfell, Solstheim and Mournhold. Somewhere in the place is a glass sword too, although I haven’t located it yet. (I have since I 1st wrote this, but I’m not going to give it away.)
Castle Hestatur also features around 100 real life paintings, which you will need to download also. Depending on how important they are to you, you can get either the large version or small version of them. While rather lore breaking, they are mostly quite impressive.
Initially finding your way around will make you feel as though you need a map, but you soon get to know some of the routes through the place. The painting of the nudie chick with the jug of water is a nice touch near the entrance to the bath and the crypt also has quite a few appropriate death related pieces of artwork.
I’m starting to add a small amount of staff to this place now to make it feel less empty, and there are great spots for archers, smiths, a cook and so on.
The outside shows signs of very slight slowdown, but I find the inside smoother than Yorick’s Tower.
All up, if you like it big and spacious and want to sprawl about in ultimate luxury, this is the place for you. The only thing that some people might have an issue with, is how far away the joint’s located. But then at least it shouldn’t clash with too much else. The castle looks like it’s well out of the way of anything from Tamriel Rebuilt also.

Laura Craft Romance & Adventure (by Emma).
Download This At The Official Site.

Laura looking nice, yet well armoured too.
Laura’s cottage.

As far as the ladies go in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Laura’s by far the prettiest. (You have 4 choices of hair styles for Laura too.) And it’s not surprising when in this plug-in, she’s supposed to be your lover from your days back in Cyrodiil, before you got chucked in the slammer and shipped off to Vvardenfell. Unlike Calvus Horatius of Mournhold, Laura doesn’t need paying every month, but she isn’t your slave either. This is all about being together, loving each other and showing that you care. Aww. Laura will carry your goodies around when you’re too weighed down and can also be given various types of armour to wear. She has her own ebony set back in her house too. You can train her up by helping to pay for skill books and she will also get better the more she uses the weapons and armour you give her. Laura has her own quests to do, just like you, so you need to keep that in mind. When she’s more certain of your intentions and what not, you can do some of those nice things that lovers do as well.
You can tell Laura to wait for you, to follow you around and even how to approach fights. If she gets stuck, she’ll teleport back to you, which is REALLY handy, and during her quests you’ll get some brilliant rings which will help you get around and also talk to Laura over great distances. There are 2 new places added; one being her house, and a cave also. She knows how to get to Mournhold and will happily recall when you do, as well as use Almsivi and Divine Intervention. She can use the Propylon Chambers with you and all other forms of transport pretty much.
Gold Kanet flowers make her happy, so be sure to carry some around, plus the odd gem or pearl. ;-) Some of the stuff is a little “lore insensitive,” like her poem mentioning June, but it isn’t too bad. Some of the spelling is odd too, but I believe this is done to prevent conflicts with other plug-ins. I also spotted her referring to something in the Master Index plug-in, when I don’t even have it! But all in all, this is an excellent, well constructed mod which you should really check out if you like the idea of having a loving companion. She makes Morrowind feel just so much less lonely.

Wings Of The Queen Of Bats.

The actual axe.

This mod / plug-in enables an official axe weapon called the Wings Of The Queen Of Bats, which was not featured in the game, but was still included on the CD / DVD. It also corrects a unique ring from appearing twice and replaces it with one which wasn’t included either, in the same room. As you can see the axe has a kind of Daedric appearance, and is enchanted with a Drain Health spell of 1 to 10 points for 30 seconds. If you like collecting rare items, this is a must!

Balmora Lockpick & Probe Merchant (by Janson Fyther / Bille Maze).
Download Here.

The Secret Master Lockpick & Probe.

I got this mod to allow the Secret Master Lockpicks and Probes to be sold in the game. These are not available on newer patched versions of the game, but with this mod, a new chap is selling them at Eight Plates in Balmora. This plug-in had the 72 evil GMSTs, so I ran it by the Enchanted Editor before use. One for the collectors of items.

A Lord’s Men (by Arjan Wardekker [Lord Gildor]).
Download This At The Official Site.

Galriil of A Lord’s Men. (Yes, she’s a woman.)
The smith equips the best items like others do too.

For the rich nobles and warriors who deserve a bit of a break from fighting from time to time, A Lord’s Men provides hirable staff in 35 categories. Tough fighters, maids, guild guides, cooks, butlers, smiths, dancers and more. From the Foreign Quarter in good old Vivec, you can get the servants of your choice, and haggle over the price. Need an archer for Castle Hestatur? Well, here is your place to look! Want your own smith service? Go no further!
Guards have a companion share feature, so you can upgrade & repair their equipment and they all have similar following capabilities like Laura Craft, where they can teleport to you if they get far behind, plus they can levitate and water walk when you do.

Stalhrim & Adamantium Respawn Mod (by Hammergand).

A piece of Adamantium and a piece of Stalhrim.

The purpose of this mod should be pretty obvious, and with the adamantium apparently only having a 60% chance of ever showing up on each deposit, you may never get any of it. This mod brings it back, plus the stalhrim in Solstheim, which is great if you want multiple sets of armour and weapons made up for your companions or to display in your houses. Now using it for potions is also a viable option.

Secret Masters Alchemy Equipment (by aged hippy).

The full set of the very best stuff.

This plug-in makes the Secret Masters Alchemy Equipment available to use in the game. Uh huh — it was another one of those things that came with the game, but wasn’t actually anywhere to be found. Now Nalcarya in Balmora stocks one set. Which is all you should need. Time to crank the potion quality up a notch! Ooh and bring your money!

Mournhold Clockmaker (by Barabus & Nigedo).

In the Craftsmen’s Hall in Godsreach.
Some of the clock styles.

Would you like to add a little something special to spruce up your elegant home in Morrowind, and have it do something practical? Well, the Mournhold Clockmaker just may have something you desire! With a range of elegantly constructed clocks, and 2 types which can be made to order, you can glance at the time in style in your own abode, or even on the road! With an optional quest, which you’ll probably want to do, this mod adds that little extra something to the game.
There are a few bits of iffyness that I found. Whenever I take Laura into the Craftsmen’s Hall now, she goes all dark looking, like the ambient light is missing, and someone upstairs seems to get slightly hurt each time you enter. Not sure why. The clock chimes seem to be a bit random also as to whether they’ll work or not, and the numbers are Roman numerals. Queen Barenziah is supposed to get a clock, but it never seems to show up. *Shrugs shoulders.* Maybe because I killed King Helseth? Some of the text doesn’t quite match up mentioning him when he’s dead either, but other than that, this is a well made plug-in worth having a look at if nothing else. For me though, it’s a keeper.

Bloated Morrowind (by MagicNakor).

3 Bloatspores in Eluba-Addon Grotto.

This plug-in adds Bloatspores to the game, which again were something left out, but were included on the disc. So they are actually official. Bloatspores only grow in damp areas, so you’ll find them around the swamps of the Bitter Coast and in various grottos around Vvardenfell. (These are also added by Tamriel Rebuilt into the new areas it has.) The once not-so-common ingredient of Bloat is now fully harvest-able.

Wild Rare Ingredients (by Alphax).

This simple plug-in fixes a few lore related ingredient things about the game. It adds Ghoul Hearts to Ash Ghouls, Daedra Skin to various Daedric creatures, makes Heartwood available on Spriggans above level 3 and sets all Holly Bushes plus Horn Lillies to respawn. It comes as various ESP files, depending on what you want fixed, although I’m using lfx_rare_merged.esp, which combines everything apart from unique creatures.

Tamriel Rebuilt (by the Tamriel Rebuilt Team).

The Telvanni Library.
Bahrammu. (Sounds like something out of that movie, Babe.)
Bal Oyra.
This Silt Strider port in Ranyon-ruhn even has shops.

This massive plug-in for Morrowind has been in production for around 10 years (& probably 20 since I 1st wrote this), and is aiming to bring all of mainland Morrowind to the game. Featuring more land than what you got in the official package, it is a mixture of lore based work and some made up stuff too. With new quests, hundreds of new locations, new creatures and new ingredients, this is one to keep an eye on. Currently at stage 2 of about 8 parts, it will be some time before it’s complete. As much as I loved checking this out, I don’t intend to make it a permanent feature of my game until it is done. Definitely worth a squizz though. You may also want to get the Morrowind Code Patch to allow for the bigger map. This only requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal and the latest patches, but nothing else extra special thankfully.
I found a bit of inconsistency in the detail of some areas. Most stuff was very smooth, but some areas were a frame rate killer, even on my PC. The attention to detail though and imaginitive uses of architecture is very impressive, as are the newly created features.

Better Bodies (by Psychodog Studios).

We’re off to Desele’s in Suran for my birthday!
How do I look, ladies?

Better Bodies does just what you think it does. ;-) It makes bodies into one continuous piece, rather than segmented, giving a more natural look. There are several other mods which make use of this too. You can choose from 3 versions of Better Bodies as to how much body you want to show as well.
Definitely recommended if you’re not overly fond of the original bodies.

Stan’s Better Bodies Clothing (by Stan The Monkey).

Buy your new feminine outfits here.
Laura models some new clothes for me.

Who said guys don’t like shopping for women’s clothes? Stan’s Better Bodies Clothing makes it fun in Morrowind, especially if you have a sexy partner to dress up. With a variety of outfits in all sorts of nice colours and shapes, there’s something spiffy here for everyone. I tried these on myself too, but it doesn’t look like guys can dress up in drag. Oh well. Great for a little something different though if you’re having a sexy night in, or going for dinner, or even swimming! See the 1st screenshot to see the kind of range available! So download this, and head to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad.

Bob’s Armo(u)ry (by Mr. Dave).

Not all outfits are overly revealing.
This is more for around the boudoir.

Another Better Bodies requiring plug-in, Bob’s Armoury has a large range of exotic clothes and armour for the more out-going adventurer. Or for those of you with female partners, here’s your chance to dress them up for a little bit more of a turn on around the house. Outfits have a bog standard look when dropped on the ground, so they’re best kept in an inventory or to look at on a real body.

Follow Me! (by Shade the Bandit)

This mod allows you to request NPCs to follow you if you can get their disposition up to 100. You need to be careful who you move about though, because it can be quite game changing. Best I found, for moving guards and getting un-freeable slaves to regions where you can free them. If you feel this is too cheaty, stick with the Command spells.

Absorb Mana Spell (by Dan Burridge)

This plug-in adds a spell called Ether Feast to one of the mages at the Guild Of Mages in Balmora. I got this for enchanting some weapons that would suck the magic out of an opponent and add it back to me. The Mace Of Molag Bal also has this effect.