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Arcade games — they’re the big juicy cabinets, with huge screens that just make ya drool. There’s nothing like getting into ya fave racing game, and feeling the whole thing move, shake and vibrate, as you drive your virtual car around the track. Not to mention the fighting games, shooting games and those psycho dancing dealies! There’s that magical something about putting your coins through the slot, and those brightly coloured plastic buttons. Sure, you can play some of the games at home on ya consoles, but once you’re in the arcade, you can show off ya pro skills on ya fave title, and try your luck with other people right there with you! So, welcome to the arcade game page! Find out my ratings on all the classics, and all the hot almost latest releases! (I haven’t been to the arcades that much recently.) Listed are overall ratings, and board types also. Ooh, plus if you happen to actually own a real arcade game, and have some comments that you’d like to share about it, please feel free to chuck me some mail, ( and I’ll inlcude the info here.
One of these years I may end up having enough money to buy one, but for now, I can only wish and dream. Heh heh.

Cool arcades to visit:

Recent Games:

Older & “classic” games:

• To race on the Segal course in the practise mode of Motor Raid, select Yendas (that’s the right most selection,) and press P, K, K, P, K, K, P, P, K, K. (P being the usual attack button and K being the kick one.) Segal will then automatically be selected.