Grab yourself my ingredients list, which has all the new ingredients Iíve added in my own mods, plus all the ones in the main game.
Below are some of the items Iíve enchanted in the game. ;-) Most of the enchanted item images have been edited to keep the cross hair dealie out of the way also. I donít recall what kind of soul I used for these, but most of them were pretty decent. (For those of you who have never enchanted an item, the price of these definitely does not reflect what you pay to get these made, unless you have the tweak in the Morrowind Code Patch.) As for the potion, this was made with a super high Intelligence level and fortified Alchemy.

Look, no weight at all!
This really moves you around.
Just another booster.
This really cranks the quality up.
Good for when you have to move that loot!
An earlier loot shifter.
You donít really need a high lock level.
I made this for Calvus Horatius.
Scroll Of Psychic Prison does something similar too.
Thisíll tick them off.
I think you can use this with Telekinesis also.
This needs the Morrowind Code Patch to function properly also, because otherwise you end up selling stuff for less!
This was created using a plug-in that enabled the purchase of the Absorb Magicka spell.
This one is for Mera Othran from A Lordís Men.
I enchanted this for my EliteGuard Swordsman from A Lordís Men, whoís actually a woman.