Here are some handy tips for various stuff, which will no doubt get expanded as I think of bits & bobs. At the bottom are useful 3rd party programs.
Firstly, a list of where you can locate the Propylon Indexes.

Where The Index Is Located
Where It Will Allow You To Travel To
Hlormaren: Dome Andasreth
Gnisis: Arvs-Drelen Berandas
Maar Gan: Shrine Falasmaryon
Maelkashishi: Shrine, Forgotten Galleries Falensarano
Caldera: Irgola, Pawnbroker (This one can be bought) Hlormaren
Tower Of Tel Fyr: Hall Of Fyr Indoranyon
Vivec: St. Olms Temple Marandus
Rotheran: Communal Hut. (Owned by Rols Ienith) Rotheran
Urshilaku Camp: Wise Woman’s Yurt Valenvaryon
Telasero: Lower Level Telasero

Making Money:
There are several ways of making money, but for me collecting armour and weapons seems to be my biggest income generator. The Mudcrab Merchant near Mzahnch and Creeper in Caldera will pay you full price for items, and if you make up an enchantment like my Bargain Brooch, (on the Items page) you can sell stuff to a lot of regular merchants for more money than items are worth. You can also buy for half price or possibly less as well. Selling off your own potions when you get a high alchemy skill is also a good money maker. I’ve made potions valued over 700 gold per bottle with my Intelligence just over 2000, but no doubt you can go a lot higher.

The Daedric Crescent Blade:
Using the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet in Tel Fyr will take you to a place called Magas Volar, where you can fight Lord Dregas Volar to get a super rare Daedric Crescent Blade. The thing is though, you can get 2 of them! And there are 2 ways to do this. When you 1st get to Magas Volar, cast a Mark spell there before you fight. Once you have the 1st Crescent Blade, use Recall to come back, and you’ll discover that Lord Dregas still has his own weapon! Ta da! Now you can have 2. The only thing is though, that you’ll need a method to get back out, such as Barilzar’s Mazed Band in its final form, or other method of teleportation. Almsivi and Divine Intervention won’t work!
The 2nd method, which I used, involves you madly trying to activate Dregas Volar’s corpse before you get whisked back out of there. If you get it, you’ll see his inventory come up, possibly back in Tel Fyr, and then you can get the 2nd Daedric Crescent Blade. Remember to Soul Trap Lord Volar too for those of you making a soul collection.

The Dome Of Kasia:
When you get to this room in Sotha Sil, you’ll face a huge blade rolling passed a corridor you’ll need to get to. But if you aren’t fast enough to get in front of the blade, you’ll be instantly killed. As you can’t levitate, one way of getting up there is to use one of the Scrolls Of Icarian Flight from Tarhiel, that Bosmer dude who fell out of the sky on the road to Balmora from Seyda Neen. That way you can just jump up to the door way. Of course if you have an enchanted item / spell of Jump, you can put that to use instead.

Travel People:
The various Silt Strider and boat operators have a tendency to move from their original locations, and often fall off high places. This list below will give you decent co-ordinates to put these people in a better place, if you wish to manually relocate them. I’ve personally got all these numbers, so I know they’ll work. If you have landscape changing mods, etcetera, they may not. To move a person, open the Console, click on them and type the SetPos command as given in the 1st listing as an example. It’s best to type all 3 co-ordinates before closing the console. Once done, the person should pop into the new spot.

Navam Veran — Ald’ruhn Silt Strider SetPos x -17643.66
SetPos y 54660.59
SetPos z 2776.57
Punibi Yahaz — Gnisis Silt Srider x = -87100
y = 90000
z = 1180
Selvil Sareloth — Balmora Silt Strider x = -21145.9
y = -17707.72
z = 866
Darvame Hleran — Seyda Neen Silt Strider x = -8600.55
y = -70120.37
z = 824.22
Adondasi Sadalvel — Vivec Silt Strider x = 31863.64
y = -72108.63
z = 914.13
Folsi Thendas — Suran Silt Strider x = 53088.73
y = -47868.93
z = 1118.98
Dilami Androm — Molag Mar Silt Strider x = 103544.99
y = -58486.5
z = 1455.11
Daras Aryon — Maar Gan Silt Strider x = -22400
y = 100050
z = 2418
Seldus Nerendus — Khuul Silt Strider x = -65810
y = 135535.44
z = 962
Ano Andaram — Vivec boat service x = 35752.86
y = -74490.38
z = 88.19
Nevosi Hlan — Ebonheart boat service x = 20281.27
y = -103255.62
z = 108.88
Nireli Farys — Tel Branora boat service x = 119197.91
y = -102101.66
z = 48.7
Tonas Telvani — Tel Mora boat service x = 101041.84
y = 117193.91
z = 182.41
Haema Farseer — Dagon Fel boat service x = 62362.93
y = 184170.38
z = 83.5
Talmeni Drethan — Khuul boat service x = -69553.75
y = 142105.91
z = 83.72
S’virr — Khuul boat service (to Solstheim) x = -68972.75
y = 142167.45
z = 83.72
Valveli Arelas — Gnaar Mok boat service x = -58194.05
y = 26567.13
z = 52.03
Erranil — Ald’ruhn Guild Of Mages Guild Guide x = 2654.12
y = -665.27
z = -382
Daynas Darys — Tel Aruhn Boat Service x = 123236.98
y = 40871.97
z = 92.46
Brynjolfr — Blacksmith outside Thirsk x = -153000
y = 191308
z = 1900

I noticed in Windows 7, that running the Morrowind launcher causes some strange leak to occur, with data being transferred to web sites owned by Microsoft. In order to block this, add the following lines to your hosts file:
Your hosts file is in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

You may also need to add them on the host computer you have supplying your Internet connection, since my new PC with Windows 7 connects to my main one with Windows XP. You may also want to block this IP address:
If the launcher chunks up, try changing the address at this location in the registry:
Change the “Games” setting to something on your computer, like C:\Whatever, and make it a directory you have.

Useful Utilities

Here are a few 3rd party programs you may want to consider, to help out your Morrowind experience.

This program changes parts of the Morrowind.exe file to achieve various gameplay corrections and tweaks. Definitely recommended to overcome more of those bugs and stuff ups!
An exellent utility to help fix save games and plug-ins. View the health status on such files and even work with loading order. (Requires an additional download of Python.) Apparently you shouldn’t use this to correct game saves where you’re using the Code Patch to provide the save fix.
Another program with useful features when working with saves and plug-ins. Let’s you view detailed information about what your saves change and lets you easily remove the evil GMSTs from uncleaned mods.