Welcome to my fan pages of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Mostly the Game Of The Year Edition. This was originally going to be hosted at another address, back in 2012, using a free hosting service, but it was so unreliable, I pulled the plug on it. I later got more space when I was with Beagle, and now I have more still with I.I.G. Thatís why itís become like a ďsub siteĒ off my main one.
Iíve enjoyed Morrowind ever since I 1st played it on the XBOX, even though it has quite a lot of frustrating bugs that were skipped over by the developers. I enjoy Oblivion as well, and have played it for over 1400 hours. You can also find links on the Plug-Ins page for my Oblivion add-ons.
Please head on over to my new address for my other main web site: http://jmk.drag.net.au/

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