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Site Guide

This page is intended to help you quickly get to any other page on my site. If you forgot where something was, or didn’t even realise a page existed, this should help you out.

answers.html Sega quiz answers
Arcade.html Arcade game reviews
Atari2600.html Atari 2600 game reviews
BeachSpikers.html Beach Spikers review
br.html Burning Rangers Review
compus.html The Computer Page
contact.html The Contacting Me Terms & Conditions Page
control-pad.html Control pad reviews
cool.html The Cool Stuff Page — links to other sites and what not
ct.html Crazy Taxi Review
d-ps.html Comparisons of the Dreamcast vs PlayStation 2
daytonausa.html Daytona USA Review (for the Saturn)
dc.html The Dreamcast Page
DCPlaya.html The DC Playa review. (A free music file player for the Dreamcast)
doa2.html Dead Or Alive 2 Review
downloads.html Files you can get from my site.
dt.html Hints for potential issues with the Dreamcast console
DUSA2.html A review of Daytona USA 2
dusa2001.html Daytona USA 2001 Review
dusacce.html Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition Review (European version)
EXR.html Extra XBOX Reviews
F-ZeroGX.html F-Zero GX Review
F355.html Ferrari F355 Challenge Review
fm.html Fighters Megamix Review
g-chix.html My favourite game chicks
gadgets.html The gadgets page, including stuff for your computer and other electronic gizmos.
GameCube.html The Nintendo GameCube Page
gamemenu.html The Games Page
Grandia_2.html Grandia 2 Review
Indy500.html Indy 500 Review
lemans.html Le Mans 24 Hours Ultimate Endurance Challenge Review
links.html The Game Links Page
ManxTT.html Manx TT Review (Saturn)
me.html The page about me
MegaDrive.html The Mega Drive Page. Don’t expect too much here yet.
music.html The Music Page. A list of my CDs and my favourite music videos.
Music Video Pages
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MvsC2.html Marvel vs Capcom 2 Review (Dreamcast)
news.html The News Page
NFS-HP2.html Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Review
nfs-p-2000.html Need For Speed: Porsche 2000 Review
NFS2-SE.html Need For Speed 2: Special Edition Review
nfshs.html Need For Speed: High Stakes Review
nights.html NiGHTS into dreams… Review
Oblivion.html The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Review (PC)
otherc.html The Other Consoles Page. (SNK, Atari & Nintendo)
out-t.html Outtrigger Review
OutRun2.html OutRun 2 Review (XBOX)
pens.html The Fountain Pens Page
PGR2.html Project Gotham Racing 2 Review
pics.html The Piccies Page
poems.html The Poems Page
ppf.html Puyo Puyo Fever Review (Dreamcast)
psn64sat.html Comparisons between the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Saturn, 3DO & Atari Jaguar
radirgy.html Radirgy Review
revolt.html Re~Volt Review (Dreamcast)
rollcage.html Rollcage Review (PC)
RSC2.html RalliSport Challenge 2 Review
s-rally2.html Sega Rally 2 Review (Dreamcast)
sa2.html Sonic Adventure 2 Review
sat-trouble.html Tips regarding the Saturn. (I forgot this was even here.)
saturn.html The Saturn Page
sc.html Soul Calibur Review
ScudRace.html SCUD Race Review
sega.html The Sega Page
SegaGT-New.html Sega GT Review
segame.html Stuff about myself and Sega related things. This was written in 2002, so my thoughts have changed a bit since then.
segaquiz.html The Sega Quiz. Still the same questions after almost 21 years!
SGC.html Sonic Gems Collection Review (GameCube)
shenmue.html Shenmue Review
shenmue2.html Shenmue 2 Review (Dreamcast)
SNKvsCapcomTMOTM.html SNK vs Capcom: The Match Of The Millenium (Neo•Geo Pocket Colour)
soa-answers.html The Skies Of Arcadia Quiz answers
soa.html Skies Of Arcadia Review
soaquiz.html Skies Of Arcadia Quiz
SoHe.html Sonic Heroes Review (XBOX)
son-shuf.html Sonic Shuffle Review
sonic-a.html Sonic Adventure 1 Review
sonic-r.html Sonic R Review
Sonic3D.html Sonic 3D Review
SonicVideo.html A video my Dad recorded in 1998 at Sega World in Sydney of Sonic and Sally. Plus a photo I took of a statue of the pair of them.
sonjam.html Sonic Jam Review
SoulC2.html Soul Calibur 2 Review (XBOX)
Speed-Devils.html Speed Devils Review (Dreamcast)
sr.html Sega Rally Review (Saturn)
Sudeki.html Sudeki Review
TES3Morrowind.html The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind — Game Of The Year Edition Review (XBOX)
TLOZTP.html The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review (GameCube)
u-race-p.html Ultim@te Race Pro Review
vc1.html Virtua Cop (1) Review
vc2.html Virtua Cop 2 Review
vf2.html Virtua Fighter 2 Review
vf3tb.html Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle Review
vr.html Virtua Racing Review (Saturn)
xbox.html The XBOX Page (+ XBOX 360)
xg.html XBOX & GameCube comparisons
xine-r.html Xine Review
ECircuits.html Electronic Circuits — free circuit diagrams for you to use.
Media Players.html
A look at Windows Media Player 6, QuickTime 7, Light Alloy 4, MPlayer OS X Extended and VLC
screenies.html Screen Shots Of The Moment. Usually of Oblivion.
Titlers.html My titling programs for Mac OS X on PowerPC or early Intel CPU based computers
cockup.html Computer Cock-Ups
Cool Spot Review.html For the Mega Drive
Cowon X9 - Extra Instructions.html Tips for Cowon’s slightly mediocre PMP
iMacG5.html A look at the last PowerPC CPU based iMac
index.html The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind sub-site, which was originally going to be hosted elsewhere.
PowerMacG5-B.html A look at Apple’s Power Mac G5. Which’s now half died on me.
SoftyReview1.html The ever-changing montly software review.
UMK3.html Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Review (Saturn)
W2000Review.html Windows 2000 Professional Review